Nokia "Tube" meant to compete with you know what

I’m just as sick of writing about this thing as you are of reading about it, but Nokia doesn’t seem to get that. While they’ve been working hard on the “Tube” (we first heard about it in August) the world has moved on and realized the thing from Apple isn’t hot shit anymore. Really, Nokia, you’re approaching 10 months since we first saw the “Tube” and you have nothing to show for it. Nothing new that is. The ability to upload photos?! Wow. That’s extremely groundbreaking. I can’t wait for this device. I’m happy that it’s your first touch device. You’re only a few years behind on that.

As if everything I just mentioned wasn’t enough. One of Nokia’s VPs, Tom Libretto, opens his mouth and blabs about their ability to ship in volumes greater than that of Apple’s doohickey. He thinks the 5 to 6 million devices shipped by Apple is nothing compared to what they can do.

“We’ve done that [volume] since we’ve had dinner on Friday,” he said.

Dude, that’s because you’re shipping phones to India where there are, like, a trillion people. And your phones cost about 5 cents.

Oh, and one more thing. The “Tube” will support Java.

You’ve been working so hard, Nokia. Go on and take a catnap and I’ll bring you some milk and cookies for your trouble.