More details on Nokia's 'Tube' device


Like an old man at a urinal, details have slowly been trickling out about Nokia’s upcoming iPhone killer puncher. A post over on quotes an anonymous “journalist” as saying the following…

“Of course, it has a pretty respectable list of features, starting with a great high resolution (16:9) touch screen, larger than 3″ but still smaller than 3,5”. Yes it has a camera, a decent auto focus one that is way better than the one that we can find on an iPhone but still not as good as on the latest Nseries devices!

It is a quad band phone that also has a wide range of connectivity options: Bluetooth, uPnP, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, and WLAN. Furthermore, it has built in GPS and will support geottaging. All of this is even more impressive considering that all of these features are packed into relatively small and compact body with size of ‘_ _ _ _’.

I’ll only say that it is similar in size to the Nokia N73 but it is maybe a little bit wider. One more thing, NO, there is no multi touch and YES there is tactility feedback!

That’s all for now, the iPhone killer is born!!!!”

The whole iPhone killer thing might be a bit premature but I do like the uPnP feature and the geotagging stuff. The interface has to rock, too. I’ve seen a bunch of slick-looking devices with half-assed software lately. It’s one thing to make an iPhone-shaped device — it’s another thing altogether to make a great UI for that device.