Come hear GoEuro’s CEO talk trains, planes and automobiles at Disrupt London

Travel and transportation have always been major focus points for the tech world. Why? Because people will always want to get from points A to B, and to do it faster and cheaper than before. GoEuro &

Tokyo Hotel Offers Model Trains To the Tragically Lonely

Do you love trains? Like really love trains? Like totally would love to sleep with a train set in your room? I know, right? Absolutely. A new hotel in Akihabara offers just that service. Presumably th

Amtrak to add Wi-Fi to Acela line in March

<img src="">I’ve personally taken Amtrak’s high-speed Acela line between Boston and New York more times than I can remember. At 3.5 ho

High-speed trains in America one step closer to reality

It looks like the U.S. is well on its way to becoming a modern Western country after all. Congressional leaders are trying to find funding for high-speed passenger trains, one of which would take peop

Peace and quiet: UK train operator to block cellphone calls

A commuter rail company in the UK will install cellphone signal-blocking film on train windows in order to keep the peace. The film, which was developed in America, prevents cellphone signal from ente

Fast: New Japanese Maglev trains to travel some 500 km/h

Current Japanese “bullet trains” can travel at an average speed of 300 km/h (188 mph). Recent proposals could mean that we’ll be looking at trains with average speeds of 500 km/h (310 mph).

Text messaging to blame for deadly train crash?

Reuters is reporting that text messaging may have had something to do with a recent train crash in California that killed 25 and injured 135. Cell phone records show that the train’s conductor recei

Future toys: Superconducting MagLev train set Now, this isn’t something you’d want to give your kid, becuase the engine is a superconductor cooled to hundreds of degrees below zero by liquid ni

DIY toy train rails: It's probably worth a try

If you have kids or have seen kids, you’ll know kids like them some toy train rails. Three companies are selling bits specifically designed to create tracks that are compatible with Thomas the T

Vienna latest city to ban cell use on trains

For awhile I live in Olympia, WA, and commuted to Seattle every day. I know, I’m an idiot, but I did it the smart way and took public transit. One leg of my daily trip involved a train ride, and

Review: Imaginarium Spiral Train Set

Dear Satan: Thanks for thinking of us this Easter. We purchased your Imaginarium Spiral Train Set on sale at Toys R’ Us and our wee one — you’ll feast on his soul soon enough, my old

Another dumbass killed by a train while talking on cellphone while crossing tracks

We’ve all heard the addage “Hang up and drive, assface!”, but I would like to remind our readers to hang up and walk. In San Leandro, CA, a man was tragically hit and killed by an on

Cellphones can kill you

Part of being a gadget owner is being responsible. You should know your cellphone etiquette, like not talking while driving wihtout a handsfree kit, remembering to mute the ringer in a theater, and ke