MPAA to collect $110m from TorrentSpy

In what can only be termed a crushing defeat, leading torrent site TorrentSpy has been ordered to pay more than $110 million to the MPAA by a US District judge. It’s been a losing battle followi

Want to work for the MPAA? Send them an email

Are you an out-of-work hacker angry at the world/some guy from TorrentSpy who wouldn’t let you do some ridiculous ad thing? Want to make over $4,999? Then send the MPAA an email. They’ll p

TorrentSpy Now Blocks U.S. Users From Accessing It

TorrentSpy, one of the more popular public BitTorrent Web sites out there, has started blocking U.S. users. Once U.S. users search for something (I searched for “music”) or try to navigate

TorrentSpy Crumbles Under The Pressure, Removes Copyrighted Content

Free-for-all torrent sites like TorrentSpy are under close watch from the music and movie industry these days and a giant, so to speak, has fallen. TorrentySpy has implemented an automated filtering s