TorrentSpy Now Blocks U.S. Users From Accessing It


TorrentSpy, one of the more popular public BitTorrent Web sites out there, has started blocking U.S. users. Once U.S. users search for something (I searched for “music”) or try to navigate its directory, you’re greeted with a nice little message telling you that because of an “uncertain legal climate” and “apparent tension” between US and EU privacy laws, we can’t use the search. Well that stinks.

While I appreciate Torrentspy’s efforts to protect me, it does strike me as odd that the site took the action that it did. You don’t see ThePirateBay banning anyone, do you?

Whatever. I guess this is just another version of the Suprnova bust from a few years ago. At this rate, we’ll be telling our children, “When I was your age, I was able to download music and movies within minutes. Then it just sorta… stopped.” Enjoy while you can, youngsters. via