• Oops! I Crapped My Pants: Japanese space diapers to the rescue

    Not content to repeat the great space toilet fiasco of 2008, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has developed a wearable space toilet. Yes, that’s right: a wearable space toilet. It’s only a matter of time before this thing gets turned into a consumer product, too. Read More

  • Google employees get special space toilets

    Google headquarters has installed some super-sexy Japanese Toto toilets that feature front and rear cleansing along with a dryer and some sort of insane energy saver timer that ensure you don’t sit there washing yourself all day. SFist has some creepy pictures of the whole set-up. The real question: is there an API? Read More

  • Google Employees Even Get Japanese Space Toilets

    Google employees are so special that they even get Japanese space toilets on which to rest their stock options. SFist found these sexy Japanese Toto toilets in Google’s headquarters. They feature front and rear cleansing along with a dryer and some sort of insane wand cleaning system that may be part of Google’s 80-20 projects policy. The toilets are fairly common in Japan… Read More

  • Toilet aboard International Space Station is broken

    Whuh oh. Seems the only toilet on the ISS is busted and they can’t get a plumber out there until next week. Astronauts aboard the space station have been able to impose upon the nearby Russian Soyuz spacecraft, using its limited-capacity toilet in a pinch, and have now apparently rigged some sort of sack-like contraption to the toilet on the ISS. Sounds delightful. The good news is that… Read More

  • Teutonic toilet seats can be a buzzkill If we learn anything from foreign — this one is German — commercials it’s that a) foreign girls are hot b) ad agencies overseas couldn’t give two poops about the Moral Majority. But seriously: at what point in your clubbing career do you do blow off of a toilet seat. Video: Swedish German Self-Cleaning Ruins Cokehead’s Evening [BBG] Read More

  • Ladybug bots clean Japanese toilets, induce stage fright

    That’s…um…adorable? You might see one of these the next time you’re at a Japanese highway rest stop. The Lady Bird "is equipped with water tanks, brushes and other tools needed for heavy-duty scrubbing. Obstacle detection sensors allow the robot to safely perform its duties without running into people." It’s also got a built-in microphone and speech… Read More

  • Portable in-car toilet replaces pop bottle, holding it

    I’ll spare everyone the bran muffin, strong coffee, pee-pee dance, dropping the kids of at the pool, yellow snow, floating teeth, and whatever other references are out there to let you know that if you get stuck in traffic, you can now go to the bathroom in your own car instead of going through the hassle of pulling over or getting off at the next exit. Convenient? Hell yes. All you have… Read More

  • Keep a Lid On It

    I’m not exactly flipping my lid here, but Toilet Tattoos isn’t just potty talk. In my bathroom the lid is always up and it drives my girlfriend crazy. The toilet lid is not exactly a place where I expected to see art but hey, why not? Toilet Tattoos come in different styles and themes, including a line for potty training (just a little late for me).
    They are hygienic, removable and… Read More