• The NBA debuts its new and improved shot clock

    The NBA debuts its new and improved shot clock

    That 3…2…1 on a 24-second shot clock never looked better than this. On Thursday, the NBA announced that it has tabbed Tissot for a sleeker and more efficient shot clock, which will debut during Summer League action Friday, before being integrated into all 29 arenas for the tip-off of the 2016-17 season. The new shot clock uses innovative LED glass technology. In fact, it… Read More

  • Hastings & Co Gets The Mechanical Kickstarter Watch Right

    Hastings & Co Gets The Mechanical Kickstarter Watch Right

    Every few weeks I dig through the deepest recesses of Kickstarter and Indiegogo to find a few good watches. This time I’ve hit pay dirt. The $227 Hastings & Co Heritage Edition is a mechanical watch with enough class and high design to make it an heir to watches like the Tissot Le Locle and some classic Longines pieces at a price that resembles the good old Seiko Orange Monster. But… Read More

  • Up Close With The Tissot T-Touch Solar Expert,  The Perennial Hiking Watch For Geeks

    Up Close With The Tissot T-Touch Solar Expert, The Perennial Hiking Watch For Geeks

    For years the Tissot T-Touch line has been Switzerland’s unique answer to the quartz hiking watch. While other manufacturers offered analog quartz pieces, Tissot has been the only company that has tried to take on the altimeter-barometer-thermometer uber watches made by Casio, Seiko and Citizen. And they’ve done a great job so far. The latest model is the Tissot T-Touch Solar Expert. Read More

  • The Good Looks Of The Tissot T-Navigator Watch Collection

    Tissot offers up a new T-Navigator watch for 2011 and it is a very desirable collection of timepieces. Relatively affordable and good looking, this range is going to find itself on a lot of wrists. The first thing that I noticed, aside from the aviator style dial, is the amount of detail that went into the case. Most aviator watches have rather blase, ho-hum cases that aren’t very exciting. Read More

  • Tissot Seastar 1000 Watch Hands-On

    Everyone has been eagerly anticipating the new Seastar 1000 watch from Tissot this year. It has good looks and a large 48mm wide that is big, but not overpowering due to the shorter lugs. For those highly intimidated by the size, there is also a smaller three-hand version that is maybe 44mm wide or smaller. The color selection is interesting, and these could be the Tissot watches to own this year. Read More

  • Tissot Gets Into The Racing Spirit With The Racing-Touch

    It’s not exactly a surprise announcement, but here’s the Tissot Racing-Touch. Tissot’s latest draws inspiration from the racing scene although not necessarily motor racing. It of course packs all the touch-sensitive chronograph goodies always found in the firm’s Touch models including lap times, dual time zones, two alarms, a backlight, tide calculator and a compass. Read More

  • Tissot Racing-Touch Watch

    For the last few years we have gotten a new Tissot T-Touch style watch each year. Last year it was the Tissot Sailing-Touch, and for 2011 it will be the Racing-Touch (Racing T-Touch). Here is a sneak peak as what Tissot’s new T-Touch model will be all about. Read More

  • Review: Tissot T-Touch II

    The Tissot T-Touch is Tissot’s flagship sports watch. While other models have come and gone, the venerated T-Touch with its touch-sensitive crystal and bold styling has remained constant. A few models appeared to replace the original, notably the T-Touch Expert, but nothing could quite unseat it. Now, however, Tissot is essentially mothballing the old model and is focusing on the… Read More