Court rules against AT&T, closing FTC regulation loophole

A federal court has ruled against AT&T in a long-running case that found itself tied up in the net neutrality debate. AT&T had argued that the 2015 FCC order classifying it as a common carrier let it

AT&T downgrades video quality on mobile with ‘Stream Saver’

AT&T just introduced a new "feature" much like T-Mobile's Binge On that automatically throttles all video streams to a lower resolution and bandwidth unless you opt out of it. They call it Stream

Netflix not throttling service

Neil Hunt of Netflix notes that the company is not throttling service and instead chalks up previous claims of throttling to ISP failures rather than anything in the Netflix servers. Whew.

Sprint may throttle BitTorrent/P2P for XOHM users

Right as it leaves the starting gate, there might already be a bit of controversy surrounding Sprint’s 4G WiMax offering, XOHM. Silicon Valley Insider did a bit of digging through the XOHM polic

Comcast not fined, but must stop blocking P2P traffic

Here’s an update to the story about the FCC versus Comcast that we posted on Wednesday. The FCC has officially ruled today and it turns out that Comcast will not be fined for throttling peer-to-peer

Comcast fires employees for P2P discussions

Comcast employees are on lockdown with the recent storm of controversy regarding accusations that the ISP is throttling Bit Torrent traffic. Those in Comcast’s support department is finding out

Use Rogers? Your Torrents Might Be Useless

Since I’m not Canadian, I’m a little out of the loop on what Rogers has been up to. According to TorrentFreak, the ISP banned BitTorrent traffic due to excessive bandwidth consumption. Ent