• Review and giveaway: Thirsty Light Snowflake

    Short Version: Much like the original Thirsty Light, the Thirsty Light Snowflake is a single purpose gadget designed to tell you when your Christmas tree is thirsty. Drop the dongle into your tree’s water, and hang the ornament somewhere on the tree. It blends in nicely with your other ornaments, and blinks when there’s no more water. It runs on two AA batteries, and has an… Read More

  • Review: Thirsty Light

    Most of the plants in our house have a death wish. A palm-like thing my wife and I bought a while ago is drying up and this little ficus tree we have thrives outdoors but then dies under our care, only to be resurrected when we take it back outside. Heck, we just killed a cactus. We’re pretty bad. That’s why I like the Thirsty Light. It’s basically a little stick you put… Read More