• For Those About To Rock, WooThemes Launches A WordPress Theme For Bands

    For Those About To Rock, WooThemes Launches A WordPress Theme For Bands

    Woothemes has just announced a new theme for musicians called Unsigned. To build the theme, the company worked with band managers and promoters as well as real, actual musicians in order to make a “rockin'” theme that is both “classical” and “jazzy” with a little but of “afro-beat” thrown in. The theme includes modules for events, discographies… Read More

  • Whitoken, a beautiful iPod Touch theme

    Huh. This is actually an iPod Touch theme for jailbroken iPods and it’s just about the coolest one I’ve ever seen. It looks like a bear to implement, though, and the creator is posting it tomorrow as far as I can tell and it apparently works with WinterBoard, the theme system for jailbroken iPods. Read More

  • Are you using Gmail themes?

    Google launched Gmail themes yesterday and, wow, are they hot. It’s nice to give the Web 2.0 email standard a makeover from the standard skin, but are you using them yet? Did you even know that the option was there under settings? (last tab) Check ’em out if you didn’t and sound off with the theme you’re rock’n in the comments. Me? Ninja. {democracy:44} Read More

  • Google releases new iGoogle artist themes

    For those of you that use Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle, you may have noticed that there are now even more options as far as your themes are concerned. Google recently added themes by “world class artists and innovators” like Jackie Chan, The Wiggles, and yes, even Coldplay. iGoogle Artist Themes [] Read More