Leaked: Alienware has new M15x and desktop gaming rigs for TGS

Well, that’s no fun. We just posted the Alienware teaser this morning that states the company was going to introduce new kits at the Tokyo Game Show and the systems have already leaked.

Alienware to "shake the gaming world to its foundation" at the Tokyo Game Show

There are few companies that can actually fulfill a statement as commanding as “to shake the gaming world to its foundation.” I believe Alienware is one of them. The company has pushed the

Tokyo Game Show: New Resident Evil 5 trailer (and more)

Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil 5 (which will launch in the US and Japan on March 13, 2009) at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The company made a huge fuss about the game. I made a

It's true: PSP getting DualShock 3 compatibility

Sweet. Sony has revealed upcoming software for the PSP that will allow PSP owners to hook up their handhelds to their PS3 DualShock 3 controllers for some dual-analog and rumble action. However, PSP P

New Halo 3 expansion coming Fall 2009, Halo 3 Recon [Update 2]

The new expansion will pit you as an ODST marine aka New Hero and will serve as a prequel to Halo 3. We’ll have the teaser trailer up soon and box art. Update: Trailer after the jump. Update 2:

Video: No More Heroes 2 trailer

Microsoft keynote from the Tokyo Game Show

We’re going to live blog MJ’s live blog and Kotaku’s live blog. We’ll pick apart the major stuff for you, so stand by.