Alienware to "shake the gaming world to its foundation" at the Tokyo Game Show

There are few companies that can actually fulfill a statement as commanding as “to shake the gaming world to its foundation.” I believe Alienware is one of them. The company has pushed the high-performance gaming envelope for as long as it has been around. If Alienware says that they have something special, I’m inclined to believe it. But what the hell is coming?

Alienware’s last big release was the AllPowerful M17x notebook – which Dave is currently testing- so I’m sort-of leaning towards a super desktop. I know, desktops are so 2008, but the company does have a new LCD that just wants to get bundled to a new tower and the M17x is still fresh. At least we don’t have long to wait as the Tokyo Game Show starts on Thursday.

[Facebook via Engadget]