Microsoft keynote from the Tokyo Game Show

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We’re going to live blog MJ’s live blog and Kotaku’s live blog.

We’ll pick apart the major stuff for you, so stand by.

11:07PM- The Last Remnant from Square Enix is launching November 20th.
11:13PM- Some facts and figures about the Xbox 360 being the RPG platform of choice for Japan.
11:16PM- A Star Ocean: The Last Hope launching in the US March 3rd in North America.
11:18PM- Biohazard 5 aka Resident Evil 5 trailer playing. We’ll have the trailer up in a few.
11:22PM- Resident Evil 5 launching March 12. 99 Nights 2 coming to Xbox 360.
11:23PM- Tekken 6 coming to Xbox 360 in the fall of 2009.
11:25PM- Some new games coming to XBLA: updated version of Space Invaders and Arkanoid Live coming this winter. Metal Slug 7 is also coming. The Kingdom of Fighters Ultimate Match coming in spring of 2009.
11:29PM- R-Type is coming back with 2D and 3D graphics along with online co-op and 2-player local.
11:32PM- The entire NXE is being demoed.
11:33PM- Stuff we already know about so far.
11:34PM- New themes, I guess. Parties?
Everyone is using CoverItLive now. Remember we started that way back when.
11:37PM- You can purchase games on the Web (view XBL Marketplace) and download to your console.
11:39PM- NXE launching globally on November 19th.
11:40PM- Halo time. Halo Wars stuff. Nothing new so far. Ohhh, The Flood coming to HW.
11:47PM- Launch date is still slated for early 2009.
11:48PM- Halo 3 goodness. Something about a drop pod.
11:50PM- Halo 3 Recon coming next fall. Prologue to Halo 3 from an ODST marine’s perspective.
11:52PM- That’s all she wrote.

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