• Tesco Buys E-bookseller Mobcast For $7.2 million As It Squares Up To Amazon And B&N In The UK

    Tesco Buys E-bookseller Mobcast For $7.2 million As It Squares Up To Amazon And B&N In The UK

    Another development in the UK market for e-readers, tablets and e-books as Amazon and Barnes & Noble move closer to launching more of their services and devices in the UK and Europe: the retail giant Tesco has purchased Mobcast, a digital bookseller co-founded by pulp fiction writer Andy McNab. Tesco tells TechCrunch that the price of the acquisition is $7.2 million. Tesco notes that… Read More

  • Tesco's Dunnhumby Buys BzzAgent For $60 million

    Tesco’s wholly owned subsidiary Dunnhumby has acquired Boston based BzzAgent for around $60 million, we’ve confirmed. The companies will announce the acquisition today but is not disclosing the terms of the deal. And no, I didn’t make up any of the words in that first sentence. This is just how companies name themselves today. BzzAgent was originally founded way back in 2001… Read More

  • Move over iPhone – 2011 will be "the year of the Android", says British supermarket

    Tesco Mobile, the joint venture between mobile operator O2 and British supermarket Tesco, caused quite a stir back in late in 2009 when it announced that it would be selling Apple’s iPhone in its stores and online. And while Tesco Mobile’s pricing of Apple’s premium smartphone wasn’t quite as disruptive as was hoped, the supermarket chain did differentiate itself… Read More

  • Nokia gets official Tesco Grocery app. Every little helps, right?

    Although I haven’t signed up to the ‘Nokia is doomed‘ story, I’m the first to recognise that the Finnish handset giant is facing many challenges, having been wrong-footed by the iPhone’s success and the subsequent shift to touch, followed by the the rise of the app store. Or, more specifically, the growing importance of third-party developers and the perception of… Read More