Can data science save social media?

The unfettered internet is too often used for malicious purposes and is frequently woefully inaccurate. Social media -- especially Facebook -- has failed miserably at protecting user privacy and block

Tesco launches one-hour grocery deliveries in London, powered by Quiqup

The grocery delivery wars look set to get cooking... UK supermarket chain Tesco has announced the launch today of a one-hour delivery service in central London called Tesco Now -- echoing Amazon's Pri

Tesco Exits E-Books, Transfers Blinkbox Books Customers To Rakuten’s Kobo

Assets from blinkbox Books -- specifically customer accounts and existing e-book libraries -- are being picked up by Kobo, the e-book division of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten. Blinkbox customers

Following Sale Of Video On-Demand Service, Tesco Offloads Blinkbox Music And Shutters Ebook Offering

Blink and you missed it. Following the sale <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2015/01/08/retail-giant-tesco-offloads-tv-and-movie-on-demand-service-blinkbox-to-telco-talktalk/">earlier this month</

Retail Giant Tesco Offloads TV And Movie On-Demand Service Blinkbox To Telco TalkTalk

So much for <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/03/04/retail-giant-tesco-gears-up-for-amazon-fight-with-blinkboxmusic-blinkboxbooks-and-tv-service-in-uk-devices-intl-push-next/">aping Amazon's d

Tesco Buys Into Ad Tech As Big Data Division Dunnhumby Nabs Sociomantic For Over $100M

UK-based <a target="_blank" href="http://www.tesco.com">Tesco</a>, the world's second-largest retailer after Walmart, has made a killing in its sector by jumping early into the use of big data, colle

UK’s Tesco Starts ‘Close Cooperation’ With Samwers’ Rocket Internet, Leads $250M Round In Lazada

If you thought that the days of Samwer brothers e-commerce investments with the eBays and <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2010/05/16/breaking-groupon-acquires-german-clone-citydeal/">Groupons</a>

Retail Giant Tesco Follows In Amazon’s Footsteps With Hudl, A Cut-Price, Own-Brand Android Tablet

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.tesco.com">Tesco</a>, the UK-based retail giant with 20 million customers in 12 countries across Europe and Asia, today took its biggest step yet into digital comme

Retail Giant Tesco Ramps Up Digital Offering With Free Online U.K. TV Service That Shows Ads Based On What Loyalty Card Users Buy

In a world of big and small data it's easy to forget bricks and mortar supermarkets have been gathering intell on their customers for years, thanks to loyalty card schemes. U.K. supermarket Tesco is p

Retail Giant Tesco Gears Up For Amazon Fight With Blinkboxmusic, Blinkboxbooks And TV Service In UK; Devices, Int’l Push Next?

The race for online consumers continues to heat up in the UK, and local retail giant <a target="_blank" href="http://www.tesco.com">Tesco</a> wants to make sure that it doesn't blink and let Amazon ge

Tesco Buys E-bookseller Mobcast For $7.2 million As It Squares Up To Amazon And B&N In The UK

Another development in the UK market for e-readers, tablets and e-books as <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/08/30/amazon-finally-launches-its-appstore-in-europe-uk-germany-france-italy-and-sp

Tesco's Dunnhumby Buys BzzAgent For $60 million

<img src="http://www.crunchbase.com/assets/images/resized/0005/5831/55831v2-max-250x250.jpg" /> Tesco's wholly owned subsidiary <a href="http://www.dunnhumby.com/">Dunnhumby</a> has acquired Boston b

Move over iPhone – 2011 will be "the year of the Android", says British supermarket

<img class="shot" title="android_logo" src="http://eu.beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/android_logo1-300x225.gif" alt="" width="189" height="142" /><a href="http://www.tesco.com/mobilenetwork/">

Nokia gets official Tesco Grocery app. Every little helps, right?

<img class="shot" title="Ovi Store" src="http://eu.beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/Picture-167.png" alt="" width="159" height="184" />Although I haven't signed up to the '<a href="https://beta.