• MovieSD: Japan gets "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" on microSD

    I don’t know why, but microSD seems to suddenly become an alternative for distributing digital content lately, at least in Japan. Two weeks ago, a Japanese entertainment company was the first in the world to start selling digital content on a microSD card (a rock band sold its songs, videos and lyrics on PDF on a profesionally marketed microSD card). Last week, Disney Japan announced it… Read More

  • For your edification: More Terminator Salvation action

    Instead of hugging your mother, hug this TS trailer instead. The new one – apparently official – shows that this summer might be the golden age of shoot-em-ups and sci fi. Read More

  • Dark Horse Comics finally makes its way to the iPhone

    Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics has finally made its way onto a mobile platform with the its first iPhone App today. With the upcoming release of Terminator Salvation, Dark Horse has pulled out a classic from the archives for its first foray with The Terminator. It was originally published in 1998 and the entire four-part series of The Terminator: Death Valley is available now for $0.99 each. Read More

  • Exclusive: Sit down with Rob Spence aka Eyeborg [Update]

    Remember Rob Spence? You know, the Canadian filmmaker dude with a camera prosthetic eye aka Eyeborg? We just sat down with him for a few minutes and talked to us about his Eyeborg project and what the heck he’s doing south of the border. Hit the jump for our exclusive pics and video. Also, Rob really wants to meet Apple SVP Bertrand Serlet, so check out the video he made as well and help… Read More

  • Terminator Salvation – The Videogame screens trickle out

    Terminator Salvation is slated to drop on May 19th and like the movie that premiers two days later, I’ve been steering clear because I don’t like spoilers for games or movies. I’ve seen a couple hands-on encounters pop up since GDC, but I won’t pass judgment until I’ve actually played the FPS. A slew of screens are available for your perusal after the jump along… Read More

  • True iPhone killer: the BlackBerry Terminator

    “Put down your iPhone. You have 20 seconds to comply.”
    “I think you’d better do as he says, Mr. Jobs.”
    “You now have 15 seconds to comply.” Yeah I know that’s from Robocop, not Terminator, but the latest BlackBerry device, the Terminator, looks more like ED-209 than a hunter-killer. It’s got all the usual stuff — infra-red vision… Read More

  • Got 5 minutes and an old pair of sunglasses? DIY Terminator shades, baby

    If you’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a DIY project, this might be a good one to start with. All you do is turn an old pair of glasses into Terminator glasses. It’s basically just installing two red LEDs onto the frames. You don’t even have to use a soldering gun. I know this project is kind of dorky, but it’s easy. Plus, what else are you going to do with… Read More

  • Humans:1, Machines:0 in Korean robo-soldier tests

    Chalk one up for humanity. Although IPv6 (AKA Skynet) is just around the corner, we have yet to accomplish the other technological advancements that will pave the way for the inevitable robotic apocalypse. We may have autonomous navigation, bee-powered nightmare dogbots, and Aliens-esque exoskeletons, it seems that we can’t create a decent murder machine. I guess it’s time to… Read More

  • Did anyone else miss this?

    I just saw the trailer for this while watching Family Guy and now I see that the trailer has been around for five months. Where was I five months ago? Read More

  • Morgui Wants To Kill Sarah Conner

    Check it. That white-skulled, scary as shit robot you see? His name is Morgui. Morgui is the product of the UK’s University of Reading. He’s used to test out different inputs in robotics and looks straight out of The Terminator. But as you may know, Terminator and crew aren’t for kids and neither is Morgui according to officials. With its realistic movements, incredibly… Read More