MovieSD: Japan gets "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" on microSD


I don’t know why, but microSD seems to suddenly become an alternative for distributing digital content lately, at least in Japan.

Two weeks ago, a Japanese entertainment company was the first in the world to start selling digital content on a microSD card (a rock band sold its songs, videos and lyrics on PDF on a profesionally marketed microSD card). Last week, Disney Japan announced it will release selected movies on this medium in November. And today, Warner Bros. Japan said it wants to be part of MovieSD [JP], too (a new brand for movies stored on – you guessed it – microSD cards).

Warner is teaming up with two other companies to push the sales of movies on microSD cards. For some weird reason, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (site can only be viewed in the US) was chosen as the first title as the series was canceled a few months ago. Intended for use in cell phones, the first episode of the series will go on sale in September (price: $20).

So far, MovieSD is supported by Disney Japan, Warner Bros Japan and Universal. Why they won’t let users simply download the content is totally beyond me.