Just In Time For March Madness: Hannspree 55-inch Basketball TV

<img src="" />For all you Globetrotters out there who want a TV that belongs in an MTV Cribs episode, check out

CrunchDeals: Two different 42-inch TVs at Best Buy for $499 each

<img src="">Best Buy has not one, but two 42-inch TVs on sale for $498.99 each. If you prefer to go with a name brand, there’s the

CrunchDeals: 40-inch 1080p TV for $499

<img src="" alt="TV" />No doubt in an effort to get everyone to stay indoors all summer, Costco is selling a 40-inch 1080p LCD TV for jus

CrunchDeals: 37-inch 720p LCD TV for $398

<img src="" alt="TV" />Here's a big TV for under $400. Best Buy is selling its house brand 37-inch Insignia 720p LCD TV for just $398, do

Sony adds Slacker to BRAVIA Internet Video Link

Sony’s $300 Internet Video Link add-on box for BRAVIA-series TVs has recently added the Slacker streaming music service to the list of available channels. Also added was content from, a

Apple working on networked television sets?

Jason Calacanis apparently has it on good authority that Apple’s next big thing might be networked high-definition television sets — basically, a TV with all the Apple TV stuff already built i

Review: HDS-41Rv13 4-in-1 HDMI switcher

My TV has two HDMI inputs but I have four HDMI-based entertainment devices I’d like to hook up to it. What’s a girl to do? Boy! I meant to say “boy” instead. Welcome to the exciting world of H

Samsung adds ATSC to three LCD monitors

Samsung adds some over-the-air HD goodness to its line of LCD monitors with the 22-inch T220HD, 24-inch T240HD, and 26-inch T260HD, priced at $429, $549, and $599, respectively. All three models featu

Olevia LCD TVs are no more, long live Olevia

Olevia! O-le-via! Hard-hearted harbinger of TVs! Apparently it’s bad when a company’s stock loses more than 90% of its value within a single year. That’s what happened to Tempe, Arizona-based TV

Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD plasma HDTV reviewed

The HD Guru recently reviewed the 50-inch Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD and, after putting the $5,000 premium plasma through its paces, called it “simply the best” HDTV he’s ever tested. Why so g

Bravia J-series LCD TVs coming to Japan in March

Sony’s got some new Bravia LCD TVs hitting Japan in March. They’re not necessarily affordable, as a 20-incher will set you back over $1,000 according to SlashGear. There will also be a 26-

Butterfingers? No problem. Butterface? Your call.

As a Wii owner, I’ve been using the Wii-mote sans wrist strap since the thing snapped within a week of using it. Since then, never have I ever had a problem with accidentally hurtling it into my

Sony shrinks Bravia technology down to three inches

  If you live in Japan and you like mobile digital television, you’re probably going to think at least once (maybe twice) about Sony’s new little XDV-D500 handheld TV. It’s got

Sony to take rear projection division out behind the wood shed

Sony wants out of the rear projection TV game and what Sony wants, Sony gets. Well, except for record-breaking sales of PS3 consoles — hay-oh! Still got it. Anyway, the move isn’t all that

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Insignia 26-inch 720p LCD HDTV for $399

After somehow destroying my 20-inch LCD TV in a cross-country move, I needed to face down the task of replacing it. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and I didn’t need a huge TV but I

Very expensive Sony OLED TV ready for pre-ordering

Sure, it’s slim. The world’s slimmest, actually, at 3 millimeters. And the contrast ratio, wow. It’s high. A million to one. That’s 1000000:1. At $1800, though, is an 11-inch s

This is how you sell LCD TVs

That little peanut is holding a big TV. Either she’s freakishly strong or the TV itself is unbelievably light. Any proud owner of a handful of LCD TVs and monitors would tell you that they&#8217

VIZIO Now Leads North American Flat Panel Market

Four years ago, you might have guessed that VIZIO was some sort of graphic design company or electric scooter manufacturer. It toiled about in relative obscurity until for a couple years and

Panasonic Develops New Televisions, Acronym

Oh boy, thanks for the new acronym Panasonic. Introducing “LIFI” (it’s trademarked, so watch your step). It’s “a first-of-its-kind light fidelity projection dis

New Thinner, Lighter Sharp Aquos LCDs Coming Soon

The 1080p Sharp Aquos D64U series is about 25% thinner and 20% lighter than previous Aquos models. The new TVs have a subtle, understated look and will be available in 65-, 52-, 46-, and 42-inch scree
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