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TC Cribs:, The Startup Office That Feels Like Home (Because It Used To Be One)

In this episode of Cribs, we headed over to, the startup that’s built a web platform for developers and designers. A lot of tech companies try to make their offices feel as homey as poss

TC Cribs: Evernote’s Expertly Caffeinated California HQ

In today’s episode of TechCrunch Cribs, we headed over to Evernote, the company behind the beloved notetaking software. Evernote has often said that it intends to be around for at least a centur

TC Cribs: Feeling Like A Kid Again At FiftyThree’s Creative NYC HQ

Welcome back to Cribs, the TechCrunch TV show that goes behind the doors of tech companies to see what it’s like inside for the lucky ducks who work there. Today’s episode brings us to the

Inside DODOcase, Where Modern Tech Accessories Are Made The Old Fashioned Way

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TC Cribs: Inside LinkedIn, The Professional Social Network With A Surprisingly Casual HQ

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TC Cribs: NerdWallet’s ‘Nerd Lair’, Where Pyramids Of Diet Coke Fuel Many A Pull-Up Competition

It's unfortunate, but true: Since venture capital funding rounds often provide a straightforward time to meet and report on growing tech companies, awesome bootstrapped startups sometimes slip under o

TC Cribs: HotelTonight’s Sleek New San Francisco HQ — And Dangerously Well-Stocked Bar [TCTV]

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TC Cribs: A Look Inside Weebly, The Land Of Prohibition-Era Tunnels And (Shh) Secret Rooms

A big part of what makes our <a href="">Cribs</a> series so fun to make is going behind closed doors to get a real glimpse at how a company works (and plays.) But

TC Cribs: Lit Motors, Where Sleek Electric Cars (And More) Are Built From Scratch

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