Inside DODOcase, Where Modern Tech Accessories Are Made The Old Fashioned Way

Welcome to a new episode of TechCrunch Cribs, the video series that takes you inside where the offices where all the tech industry magic happens to see what it’s really like for the people who work there.

This time around, we headed to the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco to visit DODOcase, the startup that makes iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android mobile accessories using traditional book binding processes.

People working in tech typically have pretty sedentary workdays. They are often either writing on whiteboards or typing on their computers — well, there’s the occasional ping-pong tournament too. DODOcase was a unique place for TechCrunch Cribs to tour because its headquarters is also a factory. So in addition to the people sitting at desks building out DODOcase’s website and handling customer support, there were lots of people moving around and working with machinery to bring DODOcases to life.

Check it all out in the video embedded above.