TC Cribs: Evernote’s Expertly Caffeinated California HQ

In today’s episode of TechCrunch Cribs, we headed over to Evernote, the company behind the beloved notetaking software.

Evernote has often said that it intends to be around for at least a century, which may well be why they’ve situated themselves in a very large building that gives them tons of room to grow in the years ahead. In the video embedded above you can see the difference between the floors that they’re currently occupying, and the ones that have not yet been given the Evernote touch — it’s safe to say the building is a much more fun place to be now than it was when other companies called it home.

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Like a lot of tech companies, Evernote has lots of fancy coffee on hand to keep its staffers perked up throughout the day. But what sets Evernote apart is that it actually gives every one of its employees a full lesson on how to be a barista — and each staffer gets away from their day jobs to take regular shifts working behind the counter in Evernote’s main entrance, whipping up espresso drinks for their coworkers and guests. Hey, even though this tech thing is going pretty well now, it’s always good to have a fall-back career option.

Check it all out in the video above.