Sleep Scan: Tanita's sensor-equipped mat monitors your sleep

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/tanita_mat-620x465.jpg" /> Leading health monitor manufacturer <a href="http://www.tanita.com">Tanita</a> today <a href="http://www.tani

Review: Tanita BC-573 InnerScan Scale

While I often blame food on my morbid obesity, I can actually only blame myself. Food doesn’t jump into my mouth unbidden, correct? And sitting on the couch all night when I used to actually run

Hey Fatty, Put Down The Cookie And Go To CalorieKing.com

It’s the holiday season and you’re bound to pack on a few extra pounds between office parties, family gatherings and parties with friends, mixed with an overloaded, hectic schedule that ke

My Personal Weight Issues, Meet My Personal Computer

I never said that I was exceptionally thin, but some people (Blake) have been criticizing my weight, as of late (Gavin is a fat bastard – Blake). Fortunately, Tanita has developed the PC InnerSc