My Personal Weight Issues, Meet My Personal Computer

I never said that I was exceptionally thin, but some people (Blake) have been criticizing my weight, as of late (Gavin is a fat bastard – Blake). Fortunately, Tanita has developed the PC InnerScan scale. Upon first glance, this is just a high-end scale with a digital readout for weight and body fat. What you don’t see in the picture is the USB memory drive that you can hook-up to your PC and, with the help of some handy software, keep track of your weight. The software is currently Windows-only, and the memory drive can only monitor four people for 30 days, but really, what family weighs themselves together? Available now at Amazon Japan for about $130

USB Scale Tracks Your Weight So You Can’t Keep Kidding Yourself Don’t Have To [Shiny Shiny via Oh Gizmo!]