Review: Tanita BC-573 InnerScan Scale

While I often blame food on my morbid obesity, I can actually only blame myself. Food doesn’t jump into my mouth unbidden, correct? And sitting on the couch all night when I used to actually run at night when I felt I had too much energy is probably not helping? Right?

Well, now I can confirm that I’m an amorphous blob of flab thanks to the BC-573 InnerScan Scale. This thing tells you your weight, muscle mass, and body fat percentage along with the Visceral Fat – the fat that hangs out around your gut and makes you – me, actually – look like a turd.

First, let’s talk about the design. The images of this scale don’t do it justice. It’s actually quite striking. Invisible leads run through a glass plate and connect the buttons to the main processor under the LCD. The LCD is clear and bright and it’s easy to start the scale with just a tap of your foot. In fact, all of the buttons work with your toes so you don’t have to bend down and waste all those calories.

This model isn’t as complex as some of the other Innerscan models in that it stores only body fat percentage, body water percentage, metabolic age (!!), muscle mass, and visceral fat. You can create multiple profiles and store readings over time, resulting in a sad picture of your overall health.

The scale can hold up to 330 pounds – luckily I come in at just under that – and costs about $109. I’ve seen many Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis scales and this is probably the coolest I’ve ever set foot on. While it doesn’t have the features of more expensive models, I’d recommend this one for the design-conscious consumer. InnerScan and others have other models that take more data points, but the BC-573 looks great and works quite well.

Bottom Line
An entry level body composition scale for the design-concious.

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