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The lack of cybersecurity talent is ‘a national security threat,’ says DHS official

One of the most senior officials tasked with protecting U.S. critical infrastructure says that the lack of security professionals in the U.S. is one of the leading threats to national cybersecurity. S

Visa policies threaten innovation but aren’t stopping hiring abroad

The growing intensity of the US visa approval process has made it more difficult for companies to attract, support and retain foreign talent. However, recruiters are still sourcing talent from abroad

Jobvite raises $200M+ and acquires three recruitment startups to expand its platform play

Jobvite, the company that was once an early mover in leveraging social networks to help source job opportunities and find interesting candidates for openings, is today announcing two big moves to doub

How our next president can usher in the next wave of job growth

Both candidates talked about creating jobs. One wants to cut taxes and the other wants to increase them. While they debate whose plans will make America great and whose will make America broke, here i

Employment in China’s tech industry

Despite murmurs of tumult and slowdown in the Chinese economy, the fact remains that China’s economic engine has been on a tear -- at roughly 6.5 percent or more for the last six years. Much of this

How international students are keeping US colleges afloat and powering the tech industry

Think back on your college experience and you may recall the presence of an on-campus residence set aside for international students. The fact that there was likely only one house for all the students

Microsoft announces professional degree program to fill the skills gap

Microsoft wants more data scientists in the job market. But some young people need to acquire their knowledge starting completely anew, while mid-career professionals need to build on their previous

Beyond the Valley

As someone who has worked in technology his entire adult life, I can say the following with complete conviction: Somewhere at this moment a young entrepreneur is developing a product, service or busin

Universities can’t solve our skills gap problem, because they caused it

The class of 2015 graduated with an average of $35,000 in student loan debt, the most in history. And yet, executives and hiring managers continue to complain about their inability to fill skilled pos

Meeting cybersecurity challenges through gamification

When it comes to cybersecurity issues, we always seem to be dealing with either shortages or excess. With the dark shadow of bigger security incidents constantly looming on the horizon, both governmen

Combating the cybersecurity job crunch

There is a looming crisis in information security that will necessitate that businesses change how they manage their security efforts. While there will always be new attacks and methodologies with whi

The STEM Skills Gap Is Only As Real As The Purple Unicorn

TEKsystems recently put out a report showing that approximately 80 percent of all IT professionals believe that a skills gap exists in tech industries today. Backed by claims of mass projected growth

Keep An Eye On Talent And Tech In Canada

Thanks to a culture of inventiveness (you think just anyone could survive these winters?), thriving universities, innovative new talent development programs and robust government support, we're in the

Codecademy Teams Up With Online And Offline Coding Schools To Create ReskillUSA

A lot of people probably see <a target="_blank" href="http://codecademy.com">Codecademy</a> as well as a place to build up your programming skills before hitting the job market, but now the company is