Surf Canyon

  • Surf Canyon Adds "Fully Dynamic" Instant Search

    Capitalizing on the “everything instant” trend, relevancy based search startup Surf Canyon launches their “Fully Dynamic Search” this week, in order to make searches on its site and more importantly its browser extension more pertinent to users. What’s unique about Surf Canyon as opposed to search engines like Google and Bing is that it serves up results based on… Read More

  • Search Startup Surf Canyon Raises a Seed Round

    It’s hard to compete in the search engine market, but one approach taken by several startups is to sit on top of the big search engines and try to improve their results or interface. Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply add new spokes? Surf Canyon, a bootstrapped startup I wrote about last February, re-orders results on Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live Search through a browser add-on. Read More

  • Hijacking Search: Surf Canyon and ManagedQ Rethink The Search Experience

    Creating a new search engine seems like a futile exercise. If Yahoo and Microsoft cannot compete with Google in search, what chance does a startup have? So instead of creating new search engines, we are starting to see the rise of search applications that sit on top of existing search engines. Two recent examples are Surf Canyon, which publicly launched its browser add-on today, and… Read More