• Twitter Improves Discover Tab To Surface More Interesting Content, Promises To Make It “Magical”

    Twitter Improves Discover Tab To Surface More Interesting Content, Promises To Make It “Magical”

    One of the core features of Twitter’s redesign last year was the addition of the Discover tab in the web and mobile interface. Today, the company is launching the first major update to this feature. The new and improved Discover tab, says Twitter, will now begin to surface more personalized content. Starting today, the algorithm that populates this feature with stories will now also look… Read More

  • The Romanian story behind Evernote Clearly

    I have fallen into a habit of reading online with the help of Evernote Clearly, a browser extension that creates a layer on top of a web page, showing text in large font and neutral colors. No matter how small or large my monitor is, Clearly creates a peaceful environment, in which I can read without the distractions of flashing images, related links and even advertisement. As TechCrunch… Read More

  • Summify Shutdown Means Big Gains for

    Summify Shutdown Means Big Gains for

    When social news startup Summify announced Thursday that it was being acquired by Twitter, it looked like the Summify’s existing users were out-of-luck — the company said the current version of the service would be shut down. Enter The company is best-known for its iPad newsreading app (which was developed at The New York Times, then commercialized by incubator betaworks)… Read More

  • If You Only Have Time To Read 5 Stories A Day, Let Summify Pick Them

    As a person who consumes dozens, if not hundreds, of articles on the web each and every day, it’s easy to remember that I’m an extreme outlier. Most people would prefer to read only a few articles a day — only the ones that they know are worth their time. That’s what Summify does in a nutshell. They survey the content on the web and condense it into the articles that… Read More