Twitter updates its policy on tweets that encourage self-harm and suicide

Twitter, which is constantly criticized for not doing enough to prevent harassment, has updated its guidelines with more information on how it handles tweets or accounts that encourage other people to

Facebook teams up with The Trevor Project for LGBTQ youth suicide prevention

Facebook has partnered with The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer youth, to bring additional crisis support to Facebook Messenger. Back

Facebook to add 3,000 to team reviewing posts with hate speech, crimes, and other harming posts

A week after news broke of multiple videos of suicides posted on Facebook remaining on the site for hours, the company has announced a new plan to add 3,000 more people to its operations team to

Facebook brings suicide prevention tools to Live and Messenger

In Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s recent manifesto, he wrote about how Facebook is in a unique position to help prevent people from doing harm to themselves. Worldwide, there is a suicide atte

Instagram tackles self-harm and suicide with new reporting tools, support options

While Twitter continues to struggle with rampant bullying and abuse, Instagram is instead stepping up its game when it comes to keeping users safe from harm. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing network t

Russia Blacklists, Blocks GitHub Over Pages That Refer To Suicide

Developers in Russia are putting up their feet today -- that is, after they have finished stomping around in frustration for a little while. It's emerged that Russia's regulator RosComNadzor has block

Over A Year After New Content Policies, “Self-Harm Social Media” Still Thrives

About a year and a half ago, just in time for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, <a target="_blank" href="">Tumblr took a hard stance</a

Facebook Enhances Its Suicide Prevention Outreach, Adds Services For Vets And Military Personnel

Facebook's role as a social network for close to one billion people can be a weighty responsibility, and today the company took one more step in the kind of social outreach activities that befit a com

Foxconn's CEO speaks out against suicide, 11th employee dead

A cluster of suicides has hit Foxconn, painting the factory in a horrible light and essentially drawing outrage just about everyone. Yesterday Foxconn CEO, Gou Tai-ming, officially spoke out against t

Some of the facts on the Apple suicide

So the New Yorker, of all places, has a few salient facts on the Apple case. I’ll just report them here and let them lie because, as someone once told a man with a broken nose, this is China. Th