ASUS believes a woman with a computer is better than a woman with a kitten

Welcome to another episode of Social Media Managers Who Are Having a Bad Day. On todays episode we present Asus‘ assertion that a “cute girl” with a cat worse than a “sophistic

‘Everun Note’ AMD Turion-based UMPC to cost $879

Kohjinsha prepping 8.9-inch subnotebook

Kohjinsha drops another tiny notebook/netbook/subnotebook/UMPC into the pool today with the W130 series. I’ve used the term subnotebook in the title of this post because this little guy runs Windows

Kohjinsha SC3 gets reviewed, yes THAT Kohjinsha SC3

Jenn over at Pocketables got a chance to review the Kohjinsha SC3 ultraportable. For those of you unfamiliar with the Kohjinsha brand, you’re not alone. The company has been quietly manufacturing ti

Looks like Fujitsu’s joining the netbook party

Hey, look. Fujitsu’s coming out with a little, tiny netbook too. As well it should, since the company’s been putting out subnotebooks for years. This should be a pretty simple move then. The above

First Look: MSI Wind [UPDATED]

I’ve been using the MSI Wind and for a little while now and have checked out a handful of things that our readers have asked about. I’ll have a full review of the notebook itself coming up soon bu

Flybook V5 now available, costs almost $3,000

Wired is reporting that the Flybook V5 can now be purchased in the US. The V5 is so expensive that you can’t even order it from the Flybook web site! You have to call them up on the phone — wh

Acer ‘One’ reviewed: Gets 6 out of 10 has a quick review of Acer’s new ‘One’ ultraportable, giving it a so-so 6 out of 10. The reviewer cites cheap-feeling build quality, awkward track pad and mouse buttons, and fr

More details about Dell’s late-summer subnotebooks

Some more details were revealed recently concerning Dell’s impending subnotebooks. There will be two different base configurations; one with an 8.9-inch LCD called the Dell “E” (how creative) an

New Eee PC models get US pricing, starting at $599

An Asus rep told Laptop that pricing for the next generation of Eee models would be as follows; Eee PC 901 (Linux or Windows): $599 Eee PC 1000 (Linux or Windows): $699 Eee PC 1000H (Windows only): $6

Acer’s ‘Aspire One’ showing up on German sites

Acer’s entry into the netbook arena, the Aspire One, has apparently been seen “in price comparison engines in Germany,” according to UMPCPortal, who says that the base model (8GB of storage, 512

Hands-on with MSI Wind, looks pretty stellar so far

CNET’s UK office got a special hands-on with the forthcoming MSI Wind notebook and they like it so much that they said it “could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini lapto

ASUS announcing 10-inch Eee on June 3rd?

To quote the lovely and vivacious Susan Powter, “Stop the insanity!” Apparently ASUS is getting set to announce a 10-inch version of the super-popular Eee subnotebook on June 3rd at Comput

MSI Wind to get US release, two versions available

MSI is coming out swinging against you-know-who with the US to be the first place the company’s Wind notebook will be released. IDG News Service is reporting that… “The U.S. edition

Details on the MSI Wind, a tiny subnotebook I might actually buy

Just reading the stats on this, it looks like MSI’s subnotebook, the Wind (unrelated to the Air) is possibly the best value for a computer on the market today. Check it out, for about $500 you g

More and more tiny notebooks coming this year

This is going to be an interesting year. A year when a whole bunch of Asus Eee-like 7- to 9-inch notebooks are going to start coming out of the woodwork. An Everex version is coming out in less than a