Flybook V5 now available, costs almost $3,000


Wired is reporting that the Flybook V5 can now be purchased in the US. The V5 is so expensive that you can’t even order it from the Flybook web site! You have to call them up on the phone — what a rush!

At just shy of $3,000, this 8.9-inch-screened wonder-notebook oughta be capable of a lot more than your average subnotebook, right? Well, sorta. It does have an Intel Core 2 Duo processor instead of a namby-pamby Atom or VIA CPU, and it does come with 2GB of RAM and an 80GB solid-state drive. It also converts to a tablet format and has a touchscreen that you can write on. Finally, there’s an HSDPA chip in there so you can frolic in the park, e-mailing doodles you’ve drawn to your friends and family.