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  • Keen On… Steven Levy: Google's Social Strategy – "A Comedy of Errors" (TCTV)

    Wired senior writer Steven Levy has spent the last three years researching In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives, his major new book about the impact of Google on the world. While Levy is generally sympathetic to what he calls the company’s “big hairy audacious goals,” his analysis certainly isn’t uncritical. For example, as he told me earlier this… Read More

  • Keen On… Steven Levy: If You Want to Get Inside Google, Get 'In The Plex' (TCTV) + Book Giveaway

    Do we really need another book about Google? If it’s as richly researched, memorably anecdotal and as finely written as In The Plex, Steven Levy’s new book about how Google thinks, works and shapes our lives, then the answer is: yes we do! In The Plex is the most comprehensive and carefully researched book to date about Google’s various businesses – from search to… Read More

  • Listen to last night's Off The Hook radio show

    On last night’s Off The Hook, 2600 Magazine’s weekly radio show, tech journalist Steven Levy, whose wife apparently threw out a MacBook Air a few months ago, gave a pretty great interview touching on all sorts of subjects. Hackers, Google, the open source movement, etc. Definitely worth a listen, as every edition of Off The Hook is. Levy will be speaking at next week’s… Read More

  • Steven Levy loses a MacBook Air

    Say it ain’t so, Steven! Mr. “Hackers” Levy believes his wife threw Apple’s loaner MacBook Air into the recycling chute with all the other paper, leading him to believe that no, he’s the only stupid one and that everyone else with little expectation that a featherlight computer will end up in a pile of other office detritus would do the same thing. This, friends… Read More