Keen On… Steven Levy: If You Want to Get Inside Google, Get 'In The Plex' (TCTV) + Book Giveaway

Do we really need another book about Google? If it’s as richly researched, memorably anecdotal and as finely written as In The Plex, Steven Levy’s new book about how Google thinks, works and shapes our lives, then the answer is: yes we do!

In The Plex is the most comprehensive and carefully researched book to date about Google’s various businesses – from search to Android to YouTube to AdWords. In addition to writing what he calls “a biography” of the Google search engine and the company’s data centers, Levy also offers a fascinating account of Google’s failed China policy and its seemingly Sisyphean struggle to keep up with Facebook in social media.

Steven not only came into TechCrunch’s San Francisco plex yesterday to give us his first online video interview about In The Plex, but he’s also given TechCrunch readers five free copies of his new book. If you want one, “like” us on our TechCrunch Facebook page and tell us why you want a copy on that page. We’ll pick 5 winners tonight at 8pm PST.

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