The First Of The TC Mini Meet-Ups: DC, Norfolk, and Richmond

Here we go! After a bit of back and forth, I've decided to run the TCVA mini-meetups in DC-Norfolk-Richmond order. We have some sponsors on tap and hopefully we can have a good time and get the word o

Second Prize Is A Set Of Steak Knives: MarGenius Is A Social Network For Networkers

So you're in town to follow up on some weak leads and your boss says you've got to stay put for a few more days because there's an old lady out near Patton Road who is looking to buy and you call back

PhotoPin: Creative Commons Photos For All Your Stock Photo Needs

I've been looking for something like this for years: a central, easy-to-use site for stock photos. Called <a HREF="">PhotoPin</a>, the site features a search engine that trolls Fli