Starcraft 2

  • 8-bit Starcraft: I would have played this

    This prototype for Starcraft was found by the son of an old-school Blizzard programmer — it dates from the early ’80s. Really quite shocking how advanced it is for the time! Check out this footage of a PvT game! Read More

  • StarCraft II given Adults Only rating in South Korea, teens freak out in response

    StarCraft II has tentatively been given an Adults Only (18+) rating in South Korea, causing Blizzard a certain amount of consternation. Blizzard has 30 days to appeal the rating. If you think that volcano caused chaos and mayhem, you obviously aren’t familiar StarCraft‘s significance in South Korea. Read More

  • StarCraft II Mac Beta coming in April

    First Steam and now StarCraft II. What more can Mac gamers want? Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Eh, it’s overrated. Read More

  • Starcraft II Story Mode on video; it looks fantastic

    Even though Starcraft II was playable more than a year ago, Blizzard has still been extremely selective about the assets that they release. This latest video shows off the “Story Mode,” also known as the game, in which you can see a few characters driving the story, directing the flow of the game, and so on. The graphics, as we know, are very reminiscent of the original, yet… Read More

  • Starcaft 2 Video: Lost Temple battle

    This video brings back terrible memories of me getting massacred. I used to play quick Starcraft pickup games during boring MCSE lectures back in school. There was this guy in my class that happened to be a bigger nerd than I and the only way he knew how to win was with massive Dragooon armies. I hated him. Anyway, click through for a surprisingly exciting Starcraft II battle in the classic… Read More

  • Razer and Blizzard: partners in StarCraft II swag

    I never thought I’d see anything at all labeled “Zerg Edition,” but nerdy times call for nerdy measures. In this case, Blizzard and Razer are joining forces to put out some sweet StarCraft II gear. Right now the only thing available is this Zerg messenger bag, but I’m sure they’ll be coming out with much more soon (probably with individual announcements for each, if… Read More

  • Hurry up and wait: StarCraft II delayed till early 2010

    Bad news, guys: Blizzard just “delayed” StarCraft II. (Did it ever have an official release date to begin with?) I just received the devastating electronic mail. Read More

  • SteelSeries outs StarCraft II mousepads

    Can’t wait for StarCraft II? Who can? SteelSeries is ready to cash in on the anticipation with $14.99 gaming mousepads sometime this month. Two different themes will be available: the Terran Marine pad or the Kerrigan vs. Zeratul pad. Both of course are optimized for gaming with a special surface that improves mouse tracking. Want one? They will be sold at GameStop and Amazon sometime soon. Read More

  • 65,000 signatures on petition to get LAN back in StarCraft II (but will Blizzard listen?)

    By now I’m sure you know that Blizzard doesn’t plan to support LAN in StarCraft II. There’s a petition going around that politely asks Blizzard to reconsider. Said petition has some 65,000 signatures on it. You should sign it, too. Read More

  • The StarCraft II beta approaches!

    This totally slipped my mind at the weekend, but Blizzard is already laying the groundwork for a Starcraft II beta, if the e-mail it sent me (and thousands of other writers, I’m sure) is any indication. Get excited, people! Read More

  • Starcraft II done up LEGO style

    Normally we don’t get excited over LEGO like some other site, but we do like us some Starcraft II. Apparently at least one chap enjoys both and has spent a good amount of time constructing killer LEGO units based on the upcoming game’s units. They are impressive to say the least. Read More