Starcraft 2

Lionsgate To Sponsor $20K Starcraft 2 Tournament In Support Of Ender’s Game Hitting Blu-Ray

Hollywood is going esports. Lionsgate, a large film studio, will sponsor a Starcraft 2 tournament this month to support the release of one of its movies to home video. The 'Ender’s Game on Blu-ra

Playing Starcraft 2 Might Make You Smarter

This won't come as a surprise if you're familiar with the game's genre, but playing Starcraft 2 might make you smarter. Starcraft 2 is a so-called "real-time strategy game," a form of video game that

Pitch-Black Dungeon Hits World of Warcraft, Blizzard Brings Kinect To StarCraft 2

<img src="" />Who will survive the Tomb of Immortal Darkness? It's a new five-man dungeon coming to <a href="

Starcraft II: 3 Million Sold In First Month

<img src="" />Starcraft II has already set the record as the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time, at least that's wh

Starcraft 2 digital version now available at [UPDATE]

<img src="" /> It's 60€ in Europe. Costs as much as a console title only this is the digital version. I guess I'll just wait until the

CrunchGear PSA: Starcraft II trailer may cause nerdgasm

[youtube] 7/27 is coming soon friends. I’ll see you online.

Watch unboxing of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition

<img src="">This is for true <a href="">StarCraft</a> nerds only. No one e

Free StrarCraft II for South Korean World of Warcraft players

<img src="" /> The latest issue of Edge magazine has a fun little article abbot South Korea's obsession with <i>StarCraft</i>. One of the i

The StarCraft II TV Commercial

[youtube] Yup, this TV spot did its job. I want StarCraft II even more now. [via evilavatar]

8-bit Starcraft: I would have played this

[youtube] This prototype for Starcraft was found by the son of an old-school Blizzard programmer — it dates from the earl

StarCraft II given Adults Only rating in South Korea, teens freak out in response

<img src="" /><a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> has tentatively been given an Adults Only (18+

StarCraft II Mac Beta coming in April

<img src="">First <a href="">Ste

Starcraft II Story Mode on video; it looks fantastic

<img src="" />Even though Starcraft II was playable <a href=""

Starcaft 2 Video: Lost Temple battle

[youtube=] This video brings back terrible memories of me getting massacred. I used to play quick Starcraft pickup games during boring M

Razer and Blizzard: partners in StarCraft II swag

<img src="" />I never thought I'd see anything at all labeled "Zerg Edition," but nerdy times call for nerdy measures. In this case

Hurry up and wait: StarCraft II delayed till early 2010

<img src="" />Bad news, guys: Blizzard just “delayed” <i>StarCraft II</i>. (Did it ever have an official release date to begin with?) I

SteelSeries outs StarCraft II mousepads

<img src="">Can't wait for <a href="">StarCraft II</a>? Who can? <a href="h

65,000 signatures on petition to get LAN back in StarCraft II (but will Blizzard listen?)

<img src="" />By now I'm sure you know that Blizzard doesn't plan to support LAN in <i>StarCraft II</i>. There's a petition going around

The StarCraft II beta approaches!

<img src="" />This totally slipped my mind at the weekend, but Blizzard is already laying the groundwork for a <i>Starcraft II</i> beta,

Starcraft II done up LEGO style

<img src="">Normally we don't get excited over LEGO like some other site, but we do like us some <a href="
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