Starcraft 2

Lionsgate To Sponsor $20K Starcraft 2 Tournament In Support Of Ender’s Game Hitting Blu-Ray

Hollywood is going esports. Lionsgate, a large film studio, will sponsor a Starcraft 2 tournament this month to support the release of one of its movies to home video. The 'Ender’s Game on Blu-ra

Playing Starcraft 2 Might Make You Smarter

This won't come as a surprise if you're familiar with the game's genre, but playing Starcraft 2 might make you smarter. Starcraft 2 is a so-called "real-time strategy game," a form of video game that

Pitch-Black Dungeon Hits World of Warcraft, Blizzard Brings Kinect To StarCraft 2

<img src="" />Who will survive the Tomb of Immortal Darkness? It's a new five-man dungeon coming to <a href="

Starcraft II: 3 Million Sold In First Month

<img src="" />Starcraft II has already set the record as the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time, at least that's wh

Starcraft 2 digital version now available at [UPDATE]

<img src="" /> It's 60€ in Europe. Costs as much as a console title only this is the digital version. I guess I'll just wait until the

CrunchGear PSA: Starcraft II trailer may cause nerdgasm

7/27 is coming soon friends. I’ll see you online.

Watch unboxing of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition

<img src="">This is for true <a href="">StarCraft</a> nerds only. No one e

Free StrarCraft II for South Korean World of Warcraft players

<img src="" /> The latest issue of Edge magazine has a fun little article abbot South Korea's obsession with <i>StarCraft</i>. One of the i

The StarCraft II TV Commercial

Yup, this TV spot did its job. I want StarCraft II even more now. [via evilavatar]

8-bit Starcraft: I would have played this

This prototype for Starcraft was found by the son of an old-school Blizzard programmer — it dates from the early ’80s. Really quite shocking how advanced it is for the time! Check out this

StarCraft II given Adults Only rating in South Korea, teens freak out in response

<img src="" /><a HREF=""><i>StarCraft II</i></a> has tentatively been given an Adults Only (18+

StarCraft II Mac Beta coming in April

<img src="">First <a href="">Ste

Starcraft II Story Mode on video; it looks fantastic

<img src="" />Even though Starcraft II was playable <a href=""

Starcaft 2 Video: Lost Temple battle

This video brings back terrible memories of me getting massacred. I used to play quick Starcraft pickup games during boring MCSE lectures back in school. There was this guy in my class that happened t

Razer and Blizzard: partners in StarCraft II swag

<img src="" />I never thought I'd see anything at all labeled "Zerg Edition," but nerdy times call for nerdy measures. In this case

Hurry up and wait: StarCraft II delayed till early 2010

<img src="" />Bad news, guys: Blizzard just “delayed” <i>StarCraft II</i>. (Did it ever have an official release date to begin with?) I

SteelSeries outs StarCraft II mousepads

<img src="">Can't wait for <a href="">StarCraft II</a>? Who can? <a href="h

65,000 signatures on petition to get LAN back in StarCraft II (but will Blizzard listen?)

<img src="" />By now I'm sure you know that Blizzard doesn't plan to support LAN in <i>StarCraft II</i>. There's a petition going around

The StarCraft II beta approaches!

<img src="" />This totally slipped my mind at the weekend, but Blizzard is already laying the groundwork for a <i>Starcraft II</i> beta,

Starcraft II done up LEGO style

<img src="">Normally we don't get excited over LEGO like some other site, but we do like us some <a href="
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