Razer and Blizzard: partners in StarCraft II swag

I never thought I’d see anything at all labeled “Zerg Edition,” but nerdy times call for nerdy measures. In this case, Blizzard and Razer are joining forces to put out some sweet StarCraft II gear. Right now the only thing available is this Zerg messenger bag, but I’m sure they’ll be coming out with much more soon, including custom hardware (probably with individual announcements for each, if I know these guys). I’m not caught up on my StarCraft lore, so I don’t know who the Zerg-lady is on the bag, but I’m sure you do.

Pricing is “TBD,” which is either an abbreviation for “Ten Billion Dollars” or they’re not sure yet. I’d ballpark it at about $90, since that’s what their other bags cost and this one appears to be identical to the regular bag except for the graphic.