Spotlight Stories

Google’s new 360-degree short ‘Pearl’ puts you in the passenger seat with dad and daughter

It's Friday, so you can probably spare a few minutes to watch a heartwarming little 360-degree animated film, the latest in Google's "Spotlight Stories." This one, entitled "Pearl," takes place entire

Google Brings Its Interactive, 360-Degree “Spotlight Stories” To YouTube

Google is bringing its Spotlight Stories – immersive, 360-degree animated videos meant to introduce a new form of storytelling – to YouTube, the company announced this morning. The first s

Google Brings Its 360-Degree Movies App, Spotlight Stories, To iOS

Google Spotlight Stories, a mobile app featuring immersive, 360-degree animated films originally developed by Motorola ahead of its 2011 Google acquisition, has now made its way to iOS devices. The ap

Google/Motorola’s New Moonshot “Spotlight Stories” Is A Mobile Virtual Reality Movie Medium

Spotlight Stories is a new artistic medium Google and Motorola launched today that puts users inside an animated featurette if they spin 360-degrees while watching their phones. The first Spotlight St