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SolarCity accused of misappropriating solar company Cogenra’s trade secrets

Solar company Cogenra is suing Elon Musk’s SolarCity over the use of shingling technology the company alleges SolarCity took from Cogenra and used to create a world-record breaking solar panel.

Elon Musk says SolarCity will build a “solar roof” for your house

What if your entire roof was made up entirely of dedicated solar power cells? No, not adorned with the current kind of solar panels you’ve likely seen on the existing roofs of a few neighbour ho

Saudi Arabian Startup NOMADD Looks To Clean Up Solar Energy Production

Bérénice Magistretti Contributor Bérénice Magistretti is a Swiss freelance writer based in San Francisco. She focuses on startups in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and emerging markets. More posts by t

SolarCity Creates A 22% Module-Level Efficient Solar Panel

Solar panels promise a lot – a cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy source, harnessed from the abundant rays of the sun. But the technology created to pull in that sun power can only go so far per

Zip Zap: Scientists Discover The Magnetic Strength Of Light

<img src="" />Solar panels usually work through absorption.

Sharp to release world's most efficient solar cell

<img src="" /> Sharp Japan announced today it has developed a <a href="">sola

Sanyo's portable solar panel makes solar energy useful for gadget freaks

<img src="" /> Sanyo added a few new products to its successful <a href="">eneloop</a>

More solar-powered mobile devices in the future? Sharp starts rolling out its mini solar panel worldwide

<img src="" /> It was just a matter of time, but frankly speaking, I am amazed at how fast Sharp makes its mini solar panel (

Sharp's future: More LCD TVs and solar panels

<img src="" /> It looks like Sharp is seeing its (near) future in LCD TVs and solar panels. <a href="http://sharp-world.

New device from Sharp lets you track solar power generation via the web

<img src="" />It seems Japan is <a href="">all about solar power lately</

Japanese company sells iPhone battery with built-in solar panel

Tokyo-based electronics company OTAS is selling a lithium-ion battery for the iPhone 3G that comes with an integrated mini solar panel [JP]. The so-called LC-1500 is housed in a leather case. OTAS say

Japanese company unveils solar-powered wireless keyboard

It seems Japan is getting greener every day. Now Buffalo announced they will start selling a wireless keyboard [JP] powered by solar energy from next week. The BSKBW01SB will be priced at $120. The 2.