software-defined networking

Arrcus snaps up $50M for a software-based alternative to costly network router equipment

Software may be eating the world, but it’s all still largely running across very physical, and often very expensive, equipment. That is now slowly starting to change, though. Today, a startup ca

Juniper Networks acquires Boston-area AI SD-WAN startup 128 Technology for $450M

Today Juniper Networks announced it was acquiring smart wide area networking startup 128 Technology for $450 million. This marks the second AI-fueled networking company Juniper has acquired in the las

Mode emerges from stealth with new approach to software-defined WANs

Mode, a San Francisco-based startup, came out of stealth today with a new approach to software-defined wide area networks they call software-defined core network (SD-CORE), which they say will dramati

Responding to disaster with IoT and SDN mesh

Communication is always important, but during a disaster it becomes paramount. The internet is the backbone of contemporary communications, from email and Twitter to Instagram and WhatsApp. If we suff

Has SDN improved or just Kardashianized your network?

Software-defined networking (SDN) has taken center stage in the networking industry for the better part of a decade now. In the spirit of the election season, it's a great time to ask the question: Is

Midokura raises $20M Series B round for its network virtualization platform

Network virtualization specialist Midokura today announced it has raised a $20 million Series B round with participation from Japanese fintech company Simplex and existing investors like Allen Miner

Building a brand-new Internet

We do not possess the ability to read the future, and yet we can predict with a high level of certainty that we will see more major cybersecurity incidents in 2016 and 2017. The world's cybersecurity