Spotify’s new ‘Song Psychic’ is like a Magic 8 Ball that answers your questions with music

Spotify is rolling out a new feature called Song Psychic that will allow its customers to ask Spotify questions and get answers in the form of music. The addition builds on the success of Spotify&#821

Meta tests cross-posting from Facebook to its Twitter/X competitor, Threads

Threads may be about to get another big boost from parent company Meta…at least in terms of sources of new content. The company has been spotted testing a cross-posting feature that would allow

As Threads deprioritizes politics, Bluesky’s CEO touts custom feeds and user choice in social media

Meta is in hot water after announcing plans to remove politics from its recommendations across Instagram and Threads, its new Twitter-like app for text-based posts. That leaves a window of opportunity

YouTube now lets you pause comments on videos

YouTube announced today a new comment moderation setting called “Pause” that lets creators and moderators prevent viewers from adding new comments yet keep existing comments on videos. Instead of

Tumblr+ kills Post+, its ill-fated subscription offering for creators

Tumblr’s ill-fated Post+ subscription service is shutting down, the company announced late on Monday. The service, which allowed creators to paywall select content for subscribers only, will no

Lapse, the photo app that forced users to invite friends, is running out of steam

Lapse, a photo-sharing app that growth hacked its way to the top of the App Store earlier this year, is starting to lose steam. The app, which had forced users to invite their friends in order to get

X rival Bluesky hits 2M users, says federation coming ‘early next year’

Bluesky, the company building a decentralized alternative to Twitter/X, announced today it has hit 2 million users — up by another million since September, despite remaining an invite-only app.

Threads rolls out hashtags…without the hash symbol

Instagram’s Threads app has been duping Twitter/X in a number of ways, and today it’s adding one more feature that’s been core to the Twitter experience for years: hashtags. Meta CEO

Pebble, a startup that tried and failed to take on Twitter, finds new life on Mastodon

Pebble, a startup that took on Twitter and failed, has returned from the dead — as a Mastodon instance, it seems. The company announced last month that it was shutting down its Twitter/X alterna

Threads now lets users opt out of having their posts appear on Facebook and Instagram

In response to user feedback, Instagram’s Threads will now let users turn off automatic sharing of their Threads posts to other apps, including Instagram and Facebook — a move that had not

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg details Tumblr’s future after re-org

This week, owner Matt Mullenweg confirmed his company would be shifting the majority of Tumblr’s workforce to other areas at parent company Automattic in light of the social bloggi

Anti-ChatGPT app Superfy uses AI to match people for live chats and answers to queries

There are some things an AI chatbot can’t reliably answer, like how to solve a problem in your relationship, which outfit looks best, advice on a problem you’re facing or maybe a list of p

One year post-acquisition, X traffic and monthly active users are in decline, report claims

Despite proclamations from X CEO Linda Yaccarino that usage of the social network was at an all-time high this summer, a new report is throwing cold water on those claims, saying that X usage has actu

Bluesky gets its first third-party app for iOS and Android with Graysky, launching this month

Bluesky, the Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative, is getting its first third-party app for both iOS and Android users: a new app called Graysky. Though numerous Bluesky projects built on the compan

Instagram head says Threads is ‘not going to amplify news on the platform’

Instagram’s new Twitter-like app Threads is not prepared to truly challenge Elon Musk’s X, if recent statements by Instagram head Adam Mosseri hold true. In response to a post about Thread

X competitor Bluesky adds email verification, flags misleading links in security-focused update

X competitor Bluesky is rolling out its latest release, version 1.52, with a number of changes, including those focused on improving the safety and security of its microblogging platform. The Jack Dor

Buzzy social app Fizz sues rival Sidechat over unfair competition practices

Fizz, the buzzy anonymous social app that’s now being used across more than 80 college campuses, has filed suit against rival Sidechat, alleging unfair competition and a range of abuses, includi

Mastodon actually has 407K+ more monthly users than it thought

Open source and decentralized social network Mastodon has more users than it thought. The service, which competes with X (formerly Twitter) and other newcomers like Threads, Bluesky, Pebble and Spill,

Photo-sharing app Lapse hits top of the App Store by forcing you to invite your friends

Forget invite-only social apps, Lapse is testing a new technique to acquire its users: It forces you to invite your friends in order to get in. The reinvention of a social camera app first introduced

X will make audio and video calls a premium subscriber-only feature

Last month X CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that video calls would be coming to the app formerly known as Twitter as part of its transition into an “everything app.” Now, new code in the X
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