Qualcomm launches its new vision intelligence platform for IoT devices

Qualcomm’s chips already power virtually every Android smartphone on the market, but the company has long set its sights beyond this core market and is increasingly looking at IoT as one of its

Qualcomm expands its support for Alexa, Cortana and the Google Assistant

Qualcomm, the chip manufacturer that Broadcom really wants to buy, is using this year’s CES to launch a new platform for smart speakers, displays and other devices with built-in support for Goog

Qualcomm’s Got The Cash And The Market Share, But All It Really Wants Is To Be Noticed

Poor little Qualcomm: $100 billion in market cap but nobody knows your name. At least that's the song the company is singing in a new MIT Technology Review article today, which features Qualcomm Chief

Intel’s Dual-Core CloverTrail+ Atom Z2580 Impresses, But Likely Won’t Be Intel’s Smartphone Savior

Intel officially launched its new dual-core "CloverTrail+" Atom system-on-a-chip today at MWC in Barcelona. The CloverTrail+ is a direct successor to Intel's first smartphone SoC, Medfield, but gets i

Apple Job Posting Hints At Major New System-On-A-Chip Design Effort

Apple posted multiple job ads today, and one in particular is interesting given the company's recent decisions. The posting is seeking an "SoC Modelling Architect / Lead," or in the words of the job d

Greenvity Raises $7 Million For Chip Technology To Make Electronics, Vehicles Smarter

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Greenvity, a startup that makes "system on a chip" (SOC) technology for use in smart

NEC announces Magnetic Flip-Flops

<img src="" /> NEC <a href="">has just announced</a> a new memory component called the m

Get your web out of my TV… wait it actually works?

Patrick Barry, VP of Connected TV from Yahoo demonstrated the “Widget Channel”, which aims to seamlessly integrate the Internet with television. Yes, yes, I know we’ve all heard that one before.