RIP Snapjoy: The Dropbox-Acquired Photo Service Is Shutting Down

<a target="_blank" href="">Snapjoy</a>, the online photo storage service that Dropbox <a href="

Dropbox Acquires Snapjoy And Puts Photos Into Its Focus

Less than one week after <a href="">Dropbox acqui-hired Audiogalaxy</a> to beef up its cloud mu

Snapjoy Launches Its iOS App So You Can View Every Photo That You’ve Ever Taken

I've been using Y Combinator service <a href="">Snapjoy</a> for some time now to ho

First Look At Snapjoy’s iOS App For Photo Viewing. Apple, Take Notice.

I told you about a <a href="">new feature from the Snapjoy team</a> just the other d

Snapjoy Prepares For Full Launch, Adds Brilliant “Copy” Feature To Its Photo Offering

I'm a huge fan of taking photos. Let's just get that out of the way. The problem that I've always had is that I don't have one central place to put those photos. Sure, there's Flickr and iPhoto, but I

YC-Funded Snapjoy Will Organize Your Photos For You (And Make Sure You Don’t Lose Them)

As an intelligent TechCrunch reader with the gift of foresight, you've probably backed up your hard drive — and all of the precious photos locked inside — to at least one cloud service, just in