Skull Candy

  • Skull Candy releases MacGyver music watch

    If you’re a geek, and you’re into gadgets, then you’re into MacGyver, there’s no way around it. Skull Candy knows this, and has released a MacGyver-themed MP3 watch that actually seems OK. While I’m not fond of the idea of headphone cables running up my sleeve, this would be great for casual music lovers. It’s 1GB storage matches that of the base iPod Shuffle. Read More

  • SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: A Quick Session With Sessions

    Sessions is from the old school, circa 1983, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to action sports gear. So pay attention. They’ve teamed up with RECCO, Skullcandy and Gore-Tex to bring you, the consumer, the best gear your hard earned dollars can buy. The SSC Co-op jacket, pictured above, has an integrated Skullcandy mp3 player sleeve switch that hooks up with, you… Read More