Fitbit Offering Refunds Or Device Swaps To Owners Of Force Wristband With Skin Irritation

Fitness device maker Fitbit is offering up an honest deal to customers who are reporting that their Fitbit Force is causing them skin irritation: you can either get a full refund, or swap out your tra

Robots Will Soon Get Touch-Sensitive Skin

Using carbon nanotubes, Stanford researchers have been able to create touch-sensitive, gooey skin for AI sensing, prosthetics, and touch-sensitive sex androids. The skin could give robots touch-sens

Review: Iomega Skin External Hard Drive

Short version: It’s an external hard drive, decorated by designer Al Borda. Iomega is hoping to capture the college market by providing an alternative to the plain old box external drive. It&#82

Get Wood For Your MacBook, iPad, Or iPhone

If you’re like me, your MacBook Pro is “gently loved”, and the lid is a little scratched up. Or maybe you just want something that looks a little more custom then what the rest of th