Get Wood For Your MacBook, iPad, Or iPhone

If you’re like me, your MacBook Pro is “gently loved”, and the lid is a little scratched up. Or maybe you just want something that looks a little more custom then what the rest of the Mac users are packing around. Whatever the reason, Recover’s skins are made in my home town of Portland, Oregon from real wood veneer. Compared to the prices you see from some vinyl sticker companies charge for cheesy graphics or cheap stickers, I’ll go with the feel and look of real wood. For example, Recover’s product for my pre-unibody MacBook Pro is just $35. That’s right around the same price many vinyl sticker companies charge. You can also get real wood veneer for your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS, or iPad. Go check them out, and if you see me at CES, I suspect my MacBook Pro will have real wood covering the lid.