• PoketyPoke Dials Into Conference Calls For You (100 Beta Invites)

    Invariably, whenever you dial into a conference call, someone is always late.  Everyone waits until the last minute to call, and then it takes forever to find the email with the dial-in number and the passcode, and by the time you get through the voice prompts, you’ve already wasted five or ten minutes. A new service launching today from Ditech Networks called PoketyPoke tries to… Read More

  • SimulScribe Signs Exclusive $17 Million Partnership Agreement With Ditech Networks

    SimulScribe, the scrappy voicemail transcription company, didn’t get acquired exactly, but it just signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Ditech Networks that could be worth as much as $17 million. The deal is $7 million in cash up front with a $10 million earnout, and gives Ditech the exclusive rights to resell SimulScribe’s speech-to-text transcription services on a… Read More

  • The Importance of a Good Name: Ditching SimulScribe For PhoneTag

    Too often in the rush of trying to launch something new, entrepreneurs pay too little attention to coming up with a good name for their product or company. It might start off as a part-time project and they just want to get it up and running. So they pick the first name that comes to mind—often something awful—and then they are stuck with it. That is what happened to SimulScribe… Read More

  • Apple Co-Defendent SimulScribe Settles Visual Voicemail Patent Suit. Is Apple Next?

    Lost in all the news about Apple’s earnings yesterday was a development in the $360 million patent-infringement lawsuit against it and other co-defendants (including Skype, Comcast, and AT&T) by Klausner Technologies. One of the co-defendants, SimulScribe, settled. SimulScribe offers its own competing visual voicemail for Blackberries and Windows Mobile phones, which it just… Read More

  • SimulScribe settles in "Visual Voicemail" lawsuit

    The whole trail is kind of convoluted but it seems there is a company, Klausner Technologies, with a patent for the same concept as SimulSays, SimulScribes visual voicemail solution for RIM and WinMo as well as Apple’s Visual Voicemail. It seems SimulScribe has settled and licensed the Klausner’s patents (here and here) while Apple, Vonage, AT&T, and AOL are still in litigation. Read More

  • Attn SimulScribe: Don't do crack, it's a ghetto drug

    SimulScribe, a provider of voicemail-to-text services, must be smoking the nasty because they just put out a press release that sounds like something out of a “Poor PR Tactics 101.” It seems Paul Giamatti got into an accident in a cab. He was standing next to a SimulScribe advertisement, looking sad. Then SimulScribe decided to give him and his family and the taxi driver whose cab… Read More

  • SimulScribe One Ups iPhone With Boobs, SFW

    You all know about SimulScribe and their hot visual VM, SimulSays Beta, so I won’t get into it again, but check out these hilarious Mac vs PC parodies. Boobs are always fun on a Monday. Read More

  • Hey Jealousy: SimulSays Provides Apple-Like Visual Voicemail for Non-iPhone Users

    Hot on the heels of the iPhone’s release comes SimulScribe’s SimulSays Beta, available for Blackberry owners (8800 series, Pearl, and Curve) and Windows Mobile users. SimulSays is a visual voicemail system much like Apple’s visual voicemail system. Instead of deleting or bypassing fifteen messages to get to an older message, your voicemails are laid out visually similar to… Read More