PoketyPoke Dials Into Conference Calls For You (100 Beta Invites)

<img src="" width="194" height="64" /> Invariably, whenever you dial into a conference call, someone is always late.  Everyone wai

SimulScribe Signs Exclusive $17 Million Partnership Agreement With Ditech Networks

<img src="" width="215" height="60" /> <a href="">SimulScribe</a>, the scrappy voicemail transcriptio

The Importance of a Good Name: Ditching SimulScribe For PhoneTag

Too often in the rush of trying to launch something new, entrepreneurs pay too little attention to coming up with a good name for their product or company. It might start off as a part-time project an

Apple Co-Defendent SimulScribe Settles Visual Voicemail Patent Suit. Is Apple Next?

Lost in all the news about Apple’s earnings yesterday was a development in the $360 million patent-infringement lawsuit against it and other co-defendants (including Skype, Comcast, and AT&T

SimulScribe settles in "Visual Voicemail" lawsuit

The whole trail is kind of convoluted but it seems there is a company, Klausner Technologies, with a patent for the same concept as SimulSays, SimulScribes visual voicemail solution for RIM and WinMo

Attn SimulScribe: Don't do crack, it's a ghetto drug

SimulScribe, a provider of voicemail-to-text services, must be smoking the nasty because they just put out a press release that sounds like something out of a “Poor PR Tactics 101.” It see

SimulScribe One Ups iPhone With Boobs, SFW

You all know about SimulScribe and their hot visual VM, SimulSays Beta, so I won’t get into it again, but check out these hilarious Mac vs PC parodies. Boobs are always fun on a Monday.

Hey Jealousy: SimulSays Provides Apple-Like Visual Voicemail for Non-iPhone Users

Hot on the heels of the iPhone’s release comes SimulScribe’s SimulSays Beta, available for Blackberry owners (8800 series, Pearl, and Curve) and Windows Mobile users. SimulSays is a visual