GameStop CEO says his stores won't be stocked with Wii for the holidays

Flickr’d How long has this modded GameCube been out? Oh, right, it’s been two years and they’re still hard to find. BIZ: What are your thoughts on Wii, a console that’s still i

Xbox 360 shortage, RROD on the rise

Here’s a mix of good and bad news for Microsoft. The Xbox 360 sold so well during the holiday season – 1.3 million sold in December – that you can’t find it on store shelves no

Big surprise: Nintendo won't have enough Wii this holiday season

This December, a lot of little boys and girls are going to be severely disappointed when they discover they didn’t get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas or Hanukkah. Don’t blame the ‘rent

Buy Your Wii Now Or You'll Wii Wii Later

If your whiny brat has been asking for a Wii then I suggest you purchase one now in time for the holidays. Or you could be a dirt bag and buy as many as possible and then sell them for a ridiculous am

The Worst Nintendo DS Ever

The worst I’ve seen in the world of pre-owned consoles and games is a console missing an AC adaptor or a game missing its box and instruction manual. However, nothing compares this Nintendo DS t

PS3 Shortage Solved: Some Jerk Bought 200

Looks like we’ve found all the missing PS3s — some eBay punk bought up 200 and is selling them at probably 200% profit. Way to screw with babies, dude. Why not go to a day care and steal a