Big surprise: Nintendo won't have enough Wii this holiday season

This December, a lot of little boys and girls are going to be severely disappointed when they discover they didn’t get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas or Hanukkah. Don’t blame the ‘rents though, because Nintendo is (probably) purposely not manufacturing enough Wiis to keep up with demand. Is there any proof of this? No, but a year after the console’s launch, you still can’t find a goddamned system anywhere.

It gets worse. Nintendo’s Reggie Reggie Fils-Aime, who’s in charge of Nintendo of America, spews the following crap from his mouth:

We’re working very hard to make sure that consumers are satisfied this holiday, but I can’t guarantee that we’re going to meet demand. As a matter of fact, I can tell you on the record that we won’t.

Oh you can’t meet demand? How about when my little cousin can’t get a Wii this holiday season, you can deal with his tears of sadness. You’re not just breaking hearts, Reggie, you’re breaking lives.

Nintendo Still Can’t/Won’t Make Enough Wiis For Christmas [Kotaku]