The Worst Nintendo DS Ever

The worst I’ve seen in the world of pre-owned consoles and games is a console missing an AC adaptor or a game missing its box and instruction manual. However, nothing compares this Nintendo DS that’s on display in Shibuya, Japan. Tsutaya is selling a used Nintendo DS with the following items missing and damage done:

  • No box
  • No instruction manual
  • No stylus
  • No strap
  • No AC adapter
  • Scratches on case
  • Scratches on screen

    The report says that not only is this DS nearing certain death, but it has dirt caked on it and deep scratches on both screens. But the kicker is how much this thing is selling for: Ten thousand yen or around $100. Yup. People are willing to shell out $100 for a completely destroyed, barely working DS. Next time you complain about a Wii-shortage here, look at this post and then breathe…and relax.

    The Worst Nintendo DS In Japan [Wired]