Razorfish’s Jeff Dachis Launches One Drop, An App For Diabetics To Log And Share Info With Each Other

Co-founder of digital marketing agency Razorfish Jeff Dachis has a new app for diabetes called One Drop, which just launched in the App Store today. Dachis has always been a health-minded individua

ThermalTake Announces New Gaming Headset

<img src="" alt="" title="Shockheadset" width="250" height="227" class="alignright size-full wp-image-178580" />Seems like everyone

Outrage: Porn found on 6-year-old boy's new PSP

<img src="" />Shock! Outrage! Whatever! All words that are <i>totally</i> appropriate forthis here story. Get this: a six-year-old boy g

Apple App Store rejection letters now with non-disclosure agreement fun

In a stunning turn of events, Apple has now started putting App Store rejection letters under non-disclosure agreements. That means if the developer whose app got rejected posts the rejection letter t

New Jersey college requires students to buy cellphone, not reimbursed

Sure, everyone loves having the latest, greatest cellphone, but who wants to be told to have a cellphone? At a school, no less? Exactly. Students at Montclair State University in Dirty Jersey now must

Magnum Chrome DS Casing Makes Fiddy Smile

Check it aspiring rappers/blacksmiths. Though not officially from Nintendo, a full chrome DS casing set is now available from SHOCK! via It’s supposed to be easy-to-install, ver

SHOCK! Case for Nintendo DS

The SHOCK! case is essentially a complete overhaul of the Nintendo DS Lite housing. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear (although I guess clear isn’t technically a color, but yea yo