• Razorfish’s Jeff Dachis Launches One Drop, An App For Diabetics To Log And Share Info With Each Other

    Razorfish’s Jeff Dachis Launches One Drop, An App For Diabetics To Log And Share Info With Each Other

    Co-founder of digital marketing agency Razorfish Jeff Dachis has a new app for diabetes called One Drop, which just launched in the App Store today. Dachis has always been a health-minded individual. He eats well, works out and runs marathons. So, it was a bit of a shock when his doctor told him, at age 47, that he had Type-1 diabetes. Read More

  • ThermalTake Announces New Gaming Headset

    Seems like everyone is getting into the gaming headset market these days. ThermalTake is the latest, with their new “Shock” headset. Read More

  • Outrage: Porn found on 6-year-old boy's new PSP

    Shock! Outrage! Whatever! All words that are totally appropriate forthis here story. Get this: a six-year-old boy gets a brand new Sony PSP from Wal-Mart. He turns it on for the first time, and bam! A naked lady is set as the PSP’s screensaver. Now, in our book that sounds like a win, but the boy’s mother wants a pound of flesh. Read More

  • Apple App Store rejection letters now with non-disclosure agreement fun

    In a stunning turn of events, Apple has now started putting App Store rejection letters under non-disclosure agreements. That means if the developer whose app got rejected posts the rejection letter to his or her blog, Apple has the right to sue him or her out of existence. This has now prompted the tired and predictable Organized Freakout by much of the blogosphere. Apple’s playing… Read More

  • New Jersey college requires students to buy cellphone, not reimbursed

    Sure, everyone loves having the latest, greatest cellphone, but who wants to be told to have a cellphone? At a school, no less? Exactly. Students at Montclair State University in Dirty Jersey now must purchase, out of their own pocket, a Sprint cellphone, dubbed the “School Phone” by students. Ostensibly, the plan is designed to ensure student’s safety. The least expensive… Read More

  • Magnum Chrome DS Casing Makes Fiddy Smile

    Check it aspiring rappers/blacksmiths. Though not officially from Nintendo, a full chrome DS casing set is now available from SHOCK! via It’s supposed to be easy-to-install, very durable, and looks hella cool to boot. You’ll have to replace the case and buttons, but it shouldn’t be harder than trying to replace an iPhone battery. Get it now for $39.95 or pay… Read More

  • SHOCK! Case for Nintendo DS

    The SHOCK! case is essentially a complete overhaul of the Nintendo DS Lite housing. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear (although I guess clear isn’t technically a color, but yea you get the point), so, like Raj, you can color coordinate to your hear’s content. More importantly though, the SHOCK! case provides an update to the brittle hinge found on the DS Lite. There… Read More