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Why we’re seeing so many seed-stage deals in fintech

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The hot new thing: AI platforms that stop AI’s mistakes before production

If you haven’t noticed, a growing amount of code that’s being generated today is “AI-assisted.” In fact, Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s executive vice president of Cloud and

AuthMind raises seed funding for its identity SecOps platform

AuthMind, a Maryland-based startup that aims to help businesses protect themselves from identity-related cyberattacks, today announced that it has raised an $8.5 million seed round led by Ballistic Ve

The bittersweet tale of two seed markets

While seed-focused VCs are enjoying this market, other investors are pulling out and deal count numbers are down.

Scriptic scores $5.7M as it expands its phone-first generative AI content library

Scriptic (previously ElectricNoir), the immersive storytelling platform, announced Thursday that it raised $5.7 million in funding to expand its catalog of phone-first interactive games created using

Kibsi raises $9.3M for its no-code computer vision platform

Kibsi is an Irvine, California-based startup that is building a no-code computer vision platform that allows businesses to build and deploy computer vision applications. Among the things that set Kibs

With $18M in funding, System Initiative wants to modernize DevOps

The promise of DevOps is often frustrated by the reality of having to stitch together a bunch of products. System Initiative‘s co-founders believe that in order for DevOps to live up to its prom

What are Series A VCs looking for? Many seed investors aren’t so sure anymore

The muted late-stage funding and exit environments have left investors with few data points and examples of how to price companies. raises $6.6M to automate customer support workflows

Working in customer support often means navigating disjointed tools to find data and solve issues. However, many of these actions are routine and repeatable, making them ideal candidates for automatio

Back-end development platform Platformatic raises $3.5M

Platformatic, a new back-end development platform, wants to make it easier for enterprises to modernize their infrastructure by giving them the tools to build and deploy microservices-based architectu

Dispersion Capital launches $40M fund focused on decentralized infrastructure

This deep into the crypto winter big venture fund debuts are few and far between, a far cry compared to previous years. But the freeze is not stopping some venture capitalists from launching new funds

Firmbase raises $12M to modernize financial planning for startups

Firmbase, a startup that offers a modern financial planning and analysis platform for startups, has raised a $12 million seed round led by S Capital, with Meron Capital and numerous angel investors al

Has the seed stage come back down to earth? It depends where you look

While some seed investors are seeing deal valuations soften, others are passing on companies still looking for too much.

Event platform POSH wants to democratize event planning

POSH is an event management and ticketing platform for all users to host events large or small, regardless of if you’re an event organizer, promoter or if you just want to charge your friends a cove

Seed Club Ventures emerges from stealth with $25M fund focused on DAOs

Seed Club, a DAO-focused accelerator program, has launched its venture arm out of stealth mode with a $25 million fund, the team shared exclusively with TechCrunch. “Seed Club is a DAO for builders

Aembit raises $16.6M to bring identity management to workloads

Aembit, a Maryland-based security startup that focuses on helping DevOps and security teams manage how federated workloads talk to each other, is officially launching its service today and announcing

IT-as-a-Service startup Deeploi raises €3M

Deeploi, a Germany-based startup that is building an IT-as-a-service platform, today announced that it has raised a €3 million seed funding round led by Berlin’s Cherry Ventures, with particip

Tensor raises $3M for Solana-focused NFT trading platform

Tensor, a Solana-centric NFT trading platform, has raised $3 million in a seed round led by Placeholder, the team exclusively shared with TechCrunch. The startup was co-founded by Ilja Moisejevs and R

Komi, a landing page tool for content creators, raises $5M seed round

Komi, a personalized website page builder tool for influencers and celebrities to create and customize a landing page to promote their projects, today closed a $5 million seed round led by Contour Ven

Remento, a storytelling app for preserving family stories, raises $3M and debuts its iOS app

Remento, a company focused on capturing and preserving family stories, has raised $3 million in seed funding led by Upfront Ventures. The Los Angeles-based company is also launching its iOS app today
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