• LevelUp Now Has $21M To Take On The Squares Of The Mobile Payment World

    LevelUp Now Has $21M To Take On The Squares Of The Mobile Payment World

    Mobile payment service LevelUp, an off-shoot of Boston-based SCVNGR, announced this morning that it has raised $9 million from T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom. The investment is the second tranche of a larger funding round and brings the total raised to just over $21 million. SCVNGR itself has raised over $31 million. As a result of the investment, T-Venture Senior… Read More

  • LevelUp Grabs $12M From Highland, Google Ventures To Take Its Mobile Payment Solution National

    LevelUp Grabs $12M From Highland, Google Ventures To Take Its Mobile Payment Solution National

    At the beginning of the year, Square doubled its retail presence, landing in about 20K outlets nationwide. As Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment system continues to find legs, all the major players have been rushing to bring their own solutions to market. Every day there’s a new headline about mobile payments solutions, yet in spite of all the noise, no one in particular has all the… Read More

  • Mobile Payment Solution LevelUp Now Seeing $1M Per Month In Transactions; Launches API

    Mobile Payment Solution LevelUp Now Seeing $1M Per Month In Transactions; Launches API

    With increasing smartphone adoption and with users in turn becoming more and more comfortable using their mobile devices to do things traditionally reserved for the Web or desktops, every industry is going mobile. But, when you consider the effect mobile technology has still yet to make on transactions — ye olde exchange of money/goods — there is a huge opportunity for disruption. Read More

  • Keen On with Seth Priebatsch

    Keen On… Why $50 Billion Is Small Change For SCVNGR (TCTV)

    Proud Princeton drop-out and imminent mega billionaire, Seth Priebatsch is the self-styled Chief Ninja of the gaming/payments platform SCVNGR. Having raised $20 million and now employing 120 people, Priebatsch believes that the SCVNGR market could easily exceed $50 billion, a number he regards as “small”. I’m not sure what to make of Priebatsch. The cynic in me (not hard to… Read More

  • SCVNGR CEO Seth Priebatsch: The Game Layer Is Coming (SXSW)

    Today’s SXSW keynote speaker is Seth Priebatsch, founder and CEO of location-based gaming startup SCVNGR. SCVNGR has had a big week — on Thursday the site launched a spinoff service called LevelUp that combines some of the retention mechanics seen in location-based games with the steep deals offered by sites like Groupon. Priebatsch, who maintained an apparently super-human… Read More

  • SCVNGR Launches Spinoff LevelUp: Daily Deals Meet Location-Based Gaming

    Location-based gaming startup SCVNGR, which recently closed a $15 million funding round, is entering new territory: it’s launching a spinoff service called LevelUp, which goes live today in pilot cities Boston and Philadelphia. And it’s taking on some big names, including the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial (in addition to the location-based services it already competes with… Read More

  • SCVNGR Raises $15 Million At $100MM Valuation

    Location based game SCVNGR has raised another $15 million in a funding round led by European VC firm Balderton Capital, with participation from previous investors Google Ventures and Highland Capital Partners. As part of the deal Balderton partner Barry Maloney will be joining the company’s board. This brings SCVNGR’s total funding to nearly $20 million after a $4 million round… Read More

  • SCVNGR To Hover Over Times Square This New Year's Eve

    In a few nights, an estimated 1 million people are going to pack into New York’s Times Square for New Year’s Eve (brrr). And amidst all of the confetti, snow, and alcohol, they’re going to see a whole lot of ads, which is what Times Square does best. One of them represents a win for location-based mobile game SCVNGR: the service will be prominently featured on American… Read More

  • From The North Face To Vegas: A Facebook Deals Roundup

    It’s been less than one month since Facebook launched its new deals service on top of its still-nascent Places platform. But that hasn’t stopped it from lining up some of the US’s biggest brands in time for the holiday season. A few minutes ago, the social network posted a note that shows just how many companies have already climbed on board to offer deals over the holidays. … Read More

  • SCVNGR Launches Internationally, With Help From Google's Places API

    Location-based game SCVNGR is going global, and it’s getting a little help from its friends down in Mountain View. Today, the company is switching to a new, improved database of venues — the businesses, restaurants, bars, and other locations that its users ‘check into’ — and it’s also adding international support. The source of the data? Google, which… Read More

  • Location-Based Game SCVNGR Launches Revamped Mobile Apps

    SCVNGR, a location based game that competes with the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla, has gotten plenty of attention for offering a deeper gaming experience than most of its competitiors — instead of just ‘checking in’, the game prompts users to complete various challenges, which can involve things like taking goofy photos or solving a puzzle. One thing SCVNGR hasn’t… Read More

  • Quno exits stealth to get UK rail travellers booking online

    Quno, part of global travel technology group SilverRail Technologies, has exited stealth with the simple aim of bringing airline ticket-style booking to rail journeys in the belief that existing offerings are too unwieldy, displaying a mix of complex fares, times and information. This is, of course, perhaps a reflection of the industry itself but either way, Quno believes it’s impacting… Read More

  • SCVNGR Launches Business Profiles, Scores Deal With GameStop

    Location-based game SCVNGR is continuing to ramp up its efforts to appeal to local businesses, larger brands, and universities. Since June SCVNGR has offered profiles to normal users (in other words, consumers), where you can see the challenges you’ve recently completed, the badges you’ve earned, and so on. But up until now businesses that offered SCVNGR challenges haven’t had… Read More

  • SCVNGR Launches Self-Serve Rewards Platform For Local Businesses

    Over the last few months location-based game SCVNGR has been partnering with a number of major brands and companies, including the Patriots and AT&T, to participate in its rewards program that gives real-world discounts to players for completing SCVNGR challenges (its competitors Foursquare and Gowalla have also landed major deals). This week SCVNGR launched a key new component to… Read More

  • SCVNGR launches in the UK through partnership with 'stealth' rail search and booking service Quno

    The U.S. location-based social gaming platform SCVNGR is launching in the UK today through a partnership with Quno, a web based rail search and booking service due to launch later this year. It will give rail passengers the opportunity to “participate in fun challenges” in stations across the country. In line with other games built on top of SCVNGR, which runs on iPhone and… Read More

  • SCVNGR Launches Support For Facebook Places

    Location-based game SCVNGR has had a big week of news, first with its partnership with AT&T and then the release of its secret social mechanics playdeck. Today the company has announced that it now sports full integration with the recently launched Facebook Places — you can send your SCVNGR checkins to Facebook, and you can import your checkins on Facebook Places into… Read More

  • AT&T Teams With Location-Based Game SCVNGR To Help Launch Samsung Captivate

    A few weeks ago, location-based game SCVNGR launched a new feature called Rewards that makes it an increasing threat to the likes of shopkick, Foursquare, and every other company looking to combine the power of coupons and deals with location.  The premise is simple: complete SCVNGR challenges to earn points, which you can in turn redeem for rewards at select merchants like Journeys. And… Read More

  • The New Games People Play: How Game Mechanics Have Changed In The Age Of Social

    The New Games People Play: How Game Mechanics Have Changed In The Age Of Social

    The crux behind game mechanics is the feeling that you’ve accomplished something; “If you’re clicking on a plot of land or a musical note that is an accomplishment” says Social Gaming Network’s Shervin Pishevar. The new social gaming gives you the opportunity to share these goals with your social graph so that many people see them, as well as the chance to work… Read More

  • SCVNGR Looks To Make 'Checking In' Less Antisocial, More Physical

    Foursquare may be helpful for seeing what your friends are up to, but the act of checking in — standing in a bar, face buried in your phone’s screen as you hunt for the right venue — is anything but social. Now, hot on the heels of its partnership with the New England Patriots, location-based gaming service SCVNGR is announcing a nifty new feature that could go a long way… Read More

  • The New England Patriots Recruit SCVNGR To 'Help Vince' Wilfork

    Over the last few weeks, the New England sports press has been scratching their heads over mysterious T-shirts they received from The Patriots that were emblazoned with the words, “HELP VINCE“. The shirts obviously refer to NFL star Vince Wilfork, but give no indication as to what he needs help with. As it turns out, he’s “lost” his Super Bowl Ring, and he… Read More